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Fly Shark attack is invincible - TTC & Darmoshark joint customization fly shark keyswitch

2023-08-18 10:48


The flying shark, as the name suggests, is a "flying shark." Sharks are known as the overlords of the ocean, and their ferocious characteristics are feared by Marine life. China's J-15 carrier-borne fighter is known as "flying shark", larger than the shark, more "fierce", the body length of more than 22 meters, is China's first multi-purpose carrier-borne fighter. It can also carry a variety of precision strike weapons according to different combat missions to achieve the whole sea and airspace strike, which can be called the "shark" in the air.



【Quick trigger, no defeat】

TTC and Darmoshark have joined forces to create an innovative keyswitch specifically for esports - Flying Shark Keyswitch! The Flying Shark Keyswitch not only has excellent triggering performance, but also adopts TTC innovative design to reduce the amplitude and reduce the shrapnel sound of the small shrapnel structure, providing an unparalleled gaming experience for esports players.



The Flying Shark Keyswitch is designed with a 1.2mm fast pre travel, allowing your fingertips to respond quickly in the game. Whether it is frequent operation or emergency stop reaction, the fly shark keyswitch can help you easily master. The gentle 39gf trigger pressure and 20mm long spring design allow your fingers to easily roam on the keyboard, the ultimate comfort.



【Innovative design, control the game 】


The Flying Shark Keyswitch uses TTC's unique small shrapnel structure design to reduce amplitude and reduce shrapnel sound. By reducing the horizontal and vertical size of the shrapnel and optimizing the shrapnel sound, and the keyswitch comes with precision lubrication to reduce key noise, whether in the fierce battle or in the tense game, your focus will be released to the greatest extent.




【Excellent feel, ultimate confirmation】


The Fly Shark Keyswitch is designed to extend the keyswitch core to reach the bottom in advance to provide you with a better confirmation feel. Each button brings clear and accurate feedback, enabling you to perform more accurately in the game, helping you beat your opponents and achieve the pinnacle of esports.



【Join forces and attack with full force】


TTC & Darmoshark joint customization brings Flying Shark Keyswitch  to esports players. It not only has the characteristics of fast trigger, fast rebound and excellent feel, but also adds the TTC black technology to reduce the amplitude and reduce the shrapnel sound of small shrapnel structure design, providing you with excellent game experience. Darmoshark's new TOP75 professional esports game mechanical keyboard will be launched with the flying shark keyswitch jointly customized with TTC, sprinting with the momentum of the shark, providing esports players with an unparalleled gaming experience.


About Darmoshark


Darmoshark has always been adhering to the "Trendy play. Luxury. Extreme. Exploration. Innovation" brand concept serves gamers around the world. Darmoshark focuses on high-end game peripherals , based on a mature manufacturing team, excellent industrial design, leading technology and a high degree of understanding of the game peripherals industry, to provide professional and high-quality game peripheral equipment for the global majority of game players.

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