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The shape of the low-profile keyswitch, the heart of the high keyswitch(normal mechanical keyswitch) - TTC released Mini keyswitch

2023-07-28 19:35


On July 28, 2023, ChinaJoy - the hot opening day of the 20th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition, TTC officially released the mini keyswitch. There are two kinds of mini keyswitch released this time, namely mini white keyswitch and mini purple keyswitch. Among them, the mini white keyswitch is jointly created by TTC and Lenovo, which was first used in the Lenovo ThinkBook KB Pro keyboard, and once launched, it won the 2023 German Red Dot Design Award. The Mini white keyswitch is the first clicky keyswitch in the Mini keyswitch series. It adopts TTC patented torsion spring sound structure to make the s clear sound and clear sense of recognition. The unique design of the ultra-long total travel structure provides a softer, thinner and more comfortable typing experience.



The heart of the high keyswitch and long travel design make the hand feeling more comfortable


As we all know, the height of the low-profile keyswiytch is limited, and its total travel design is generally limited to about 1.8-3.0mm. And the length of the total travel directly affects the comfortable experience of the keyswitch. The shorter the travel, the closer the typing experience is to the feel of the low-profile keyboard. Therefore, in the case of the limited shape of the low-profile keyswitch, how to improve the total travel and how to improve the comfort of the hand felling has always been a difficulty in the structural design of the industry. After more than a year of hammering, TTC broke through the difficulties in technology and designed a total travel of up to 3.5mm, which can achieve the same heart as the high keyswitch speed silver keyswitch, so structurally ensuring the possibility that the low-profile keyswitch can feel as comfortable as the high keyswitch. It may also be the first mini keyswitch in the industry that can achieve high keyswitch travel at present. Therefore, it can be said that the TTC mini keyswitch is the shape of the low-profile keyswitch and the heart of the high keyswitch. Although the shape is small but feel comfortable, full of charm!


Same keyswitch socket  Same key cap  Create a new game of low-profile keyswitch and high keyswitch casual mixing


TTC innovatively designed the new internal structure, which shares the same keyswitch socket with the high keyswitch, more stable and faster. The cross switch core is adopted, and the key cap is shared with the high keyswitch. The keyboard can even be extended to be compatible with high and low-profile keyswitch.



Patented torsion spring sound structure(ZL 201510203635.6)


In order to achieve the same clicky sound as the high keyswitch in the limited space, TTC successfully developed the torsion spring sound patent structure keyswitch in cooperation with Lenovo in 2014. It is also equipped with Lenovo Y900 notebook. The keyswitch stunned the industry upon its launch and won the Best Gaming Device and Best Product Awards at CES 2016.




The installation height of the mini keyswitch (the exposed size of the keyswitch on the PCB board) is reduced by 45% from 15.35mm of the high keyswitch to 9.0mm, and the total height difference with the key cap is 6.35mm. The installation height of the mini keyswitch is greatly reduced, making the overall design of the keyboard thinner and more portable.





TTC Mini keyswitch is adopted the enhanced design of a cross keyswitch core and base to ensure smooth button feel and is compatible with most commercially available MX key caps. At the same time, the factory comes with precision lubrication, ready to use.





High precision tooling and cutting-edge manufacturing processes of TTC Mini keyswitch ensure excellent feel consistency and smoothness of the keys for a better feel input experience from multiple angles.



Tips: The way of the mini keyswitch pulls the keyswitch is different from the high keyswitch. The high keyswitch is to use the keyswitch puller to clamp the upper and lower middle ends of the keyswitch, and the TTC mini keyswitch is to clamp the left and right middle sides of the keyswitch.



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