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Experience sharing of three TTC mechanical keyswitch--- TTC Gold Pink Keyswitch, Silent Brown V2 Pro and Gold Brown V3

2020-07-29 11:19

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one 、small talk

Speaking of TTC, the first reaction of many people should be the wheel encoder in the mouse evaluation sticker, and the mouse jog. The reason why I know that TTC has a keyswitch, originated in 2017, I was curious about the keyswitch used in a Dalyo keyboard, because Dalyo used Kaihua’s shaft before, and it suddenly became an autonomous keyswitch. There is a very subtle difference in the feel between the two, and it was also heard at that time that the early autonomous  keyswitch of Rapoo were also produced by TTC, so I dismantled a  keyswitch to find out, and it turned out that was produced by TTC.

In recent years, domestic keyswitch brands have also increased, such as Kaihua, Gaote, Jiadalon, Guantai, Longhua, etc., but for some unknown reason, TTC has not promoted its own  keyswitch separately. We only have TTC to do it. Key words, when I searched on the Internet, I found out that the Ice Leopard and Xiaomi keyboards are already using the TTC  keyswitch.

Recently, when I learned that TTC had opened an official TTC self-operated store and released some keyswitch, based on the good impression of its home and the curiosity about the new keyswitch, I started a few tricks.

TWO, TTC Gold Pink Keyswitch, Silent Brown V2 Pro and Glod Brown V3



▲To test the keyswitch must be neat and tidy. Two boxes of packaging, containing three new keyswitch, Gold Pink keyswitch, Silent Brown V2 Pro and TTC Golden Brown V3, all in one go.



▲ This is probably the case for the boxed mode. There is a radish and a pit, and there is a grid on the bottom to load a keyswitch. There is a plastic cover on it to prevent the keyswitch from jumping out and becoming messy. There is also a back box that can mix several keyswitch and one package. The box has at least 110 pieces, which can guarantee the assembly of a keyboard.



▲ Looking through the bottom of the box, I found out a keyswitch body that I bought and collected when hot-swappable switch became popular a few years ago. Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages, comparison is not in vain, I think this packaging can be used for reference.

First, the small box packaging is flexible. 1 box contains 15 pieces. From my perspective, when I bought the hot-swappable keyswitch, I wanted to improve the original hot-swappable keyboard into a keyboard that suits my hand. Some keys should be replaced according to my own usage habits. If the whole keyboard is replaced, then I might as well buy a brand new keyboard.



▲Secondly, the storage is firm. The aluminum plate is used to dig the hole and load the shaft body, which is beautiful and firm, and the shaft body will not fall out if it is overturned. For me, the storage of the keyswitch is the same as the keycaps. The firmness of the placement is very important. Therefore, as long as the keycaps are better, I will work hard on the storage box.



▲Thirdly, keyswitch is clearly marked. The type and quantity are directly written on the packaging box, and the identification is clear.



▲But the biggest problem on the packaging is the lack of a puller. Fortunately, I have a specially reserved one on hand. This thing is more scarce than a key puller, and it is more important. Without a key puller, I can still use my nails and two paper clips to form a simple tool to pull the keycap. Without a puller, the keyswitch is really difficult to pull.



▲Three kinds of keyswitch, from top to bottom are Glod Pink Keyswitch, Golden Brown V3 and Silent Brown V2 Pro. At first contact, the color and naming seems a bit messy. In short, they are divided into two categories according to the feel of them. Pink and brown are divided into two types according to sound function, normal keyswitch and silent keyswitch.

For a long time, we call the cherry switch according to the different color of the core, and the handle of the body is related to the color formation. For example, the four common keyswitch bodies, green, black, brown, and red, have a sense of passage and a crisp sound, and so on. When the domestic keyswitch body first came out, it was in accordance with this rule, but since Razer, this rule has been broken. I personally understand that there are pros and cons. The disadvantage is that for people like us who are exposed to various keyboards, the memory Easy to be confused, profit is easy to form the brand's own characteristics and advantages.



▲ TTC also takes the custom color route. I have to say that the color of its keyswitch is still very pleasing. The gold pink keyswitch and the gold brown keyswitch, from the base or the golden or orange, to the soft pink of the core, are used. It is a bright color. After seeing the black base and the cyan-black-red-brown core, TTC really brought me a refreshing feeling.



▲Some people may also say that no matter how beautiful it is, it will not be the same after the keycap is put on, but for those of us who are hot-swapping, this feeling is indeed

Three, disassembling



▲After disassembling, they are all standard mx structure keyswitch, which are composed of transparent cover, core, base, spring, and metal sheet.



▲Metal sheet is one of the key points of its quality. Many failures of early old keyboards were caused by oxidation and rust of keyswitch  metal sheet.



▲Comparison of metal sheets of three types of keyswiyches



▲cover and base



▲The key of the keyswitch, the core, is the key to bringing different feels. Looking at the picture, you can clearly see the difference between the three cores, and it is also obvious to infer the key to the mute brown keyswitch.

It is worth mentioning that when disassembling, you can feel the grease added to the core, which can more guarantee the smoothness and non-stuttering of the hand. Of course, this kind of grease is not as much as possible. If it is too much, I think it is easy to stick more dust or solidify and cause malfunctions, which will have the opposite effect.



▲Spring, 2 interesting points:

One. The spring of the gold pink keyswitch is brightly plated with golden color. If you don't disassemble it, you don't know it is so beautiful.

Two. The springs of the two brown keyswitch are actually different in length and number of turns.



▲Check the official data of TTC, the click pressure of Golden Brown V3 is 55g, stroke is 0.9mm, and conduction stroke is 2.0mm.

The click pressure of Silent Brown is 55g, the click stroke is 0.7mm, and the conduction stroke is 2.0mm. We know that the pressure of the click depends on the spring. When thy have the same starting pressure, the number of turns of the spring is quite different from the length. This is very interesting. The variable parameter of the silent ring should be combined to ensure the unity of hand-feeling pressure.

four, using

1. Unplug and plug



▲Plug: This time I made a special hot-swappable keyboard-HEAVY SHELL Barix87 mechanical keyboard. The significance of the hot-swappable keyboard and the hot-swappable keyswitch lies in its simplicity. The two metal feet of the keyswitch are aligned with the two holes of the plate, and you can press it hard without welding. The last hot swap was done in 16 or 17 years. Now this keyboard’s switch is tighter than before, and the keyboard’s  hole is reversed. It is often the first time it is inserted. Will be inserted wrong.



▲Unplugging:  It is simple, but pulling out is not so easy. At the same time, I remember that the most likely problem with pulling out before is the buckle. If the plastic material of the buckle is too soft, the buckle will often be deformed. , The catch situation. The quality of the buckle plastics of the three keyswitches seems to be good. Under my operation, there is no deformation in the current several times of repeated insertion and removal.

The matching problem between the shaft core and the keycap, but it seems that more problems in the past have appeared on the accuracy of the keycap post. Few people blame the core. The keycap used this time is not bad, so there is no problem on both sides. .




When Silent Brown and Golden Brown are pressed slowly, the feel of Silent Brown is almost the same as Golden pink and brown, whether it is a sense of pressure or click; but when you close your eyes and experience it carefully, you can feel the trigger of Silent Brown. There is a slight advance, the trigger of silent brown is faster, and the golden brown is slightly slower; when typing at a normal speed, this feeling is weakened, and you can hardly feel it. More is to experience the refreshing of golden brown typing and the moisturizing of silent brown. Things are silent. Most of the sound of the brown keyswitch comes from the popping sound when it hits the bottom when it is pressed quickly. As for Silent Brown, we saw during the dismantling that there was a white silent circle in the middle of the keyswitch, which should be a buffer caused by it, causing it to quickly bottom out and almost silently. It is commendable that this buffer still retains the mechanical flavor of the mx keyswitch, without the film flavor of electrostatic capacitance.

The trigger stroke of the gold pink keyswitch is the same as the cherry red keyswitch. The trigger pressure is 8g lighter than the cherry 45g, and only 37g. The feel is more mysterious. The triggers straight up and down, light and smooth, without obvious shortcomings such as astringency. The lower limit is very high, and because of the heavier aluminum alloy base of this keyboard and the blessing of the better quality pbt keycaps, the upper limit of the keyswitch is raised.


Another reason I am interested in the TTC’s keyswitch this time is the silent keyswitch. The typing sound of a mechanical keyboard is far greater than that of a membrane keyboard. Many places that require high environmental noise cannot use mechanical switches, such as university dormitories and home bedrooms. When I first experienced the feel, I can clearly feel that the silent brown keyswitch maintains a relative mechanical feel while also greatly reducing the sound. Next, I will use the quantified

Test environment: summer, evening, indoor, with air conditioner and fan

iphone+noiselab  Test software iphone+noiselab



▲First, test the indoor background sound, and the decibel is about 50.



▲Then measuring the gold pink keyswitch, under normal fast typing conditions, the lowest decibel is 61 and the highest is 67, and most of the data fluctuates between 64 and 65.



▲Golden brown keyswitch, the lowest decibel is 60.2, the highest is 65, most of the data fluctuates between 62 and 63.



▲Silent brown keyswitch, the lowest is 51.7, the highest is 55.4, most of the data fluctuates between 52 and 53.

The actual performance in life is that in the above scenes, when I use the gold pink keyswitch and the golden brown keyswitch to type, there is a clear sound, and the silent brown, under the cover of the air-conditioning sound and the fan sound, there is almost no excessive There was only a quiet rustling sound.

4. light



▲ In most of the keyswitch we have seen in the past, the light-transmitting upper cover uses a hollow light-transmitting hole above the lamp beads to allow the backlight to pass through directly. This time the TTC has a very special design on the switch. , A convex lens design is used in the light-transmitting hole to enlarge the backlight.



▲The backlight effect must be useful, both psychologically and in fact, because everyone has a convex mirror.

Five, Conclusion

I have used it for a few weeks, and I cannot fully evaluate the quality of these keyswitches, especially in terms of quality. Although the official parameters indicate that they have a life span of 60 million cycles or more, for this number, I am Without saying yes, so many years of immersion in the peripheral circle have brought experience, and only time and the market can really test the quality of the shaft. However, I think you can try these from TTC this time. First of all, this is a welding-free keyswitch. Even if there is a problem, it can be easily solved by changing the keyswitch. Then, in terms of feel, there are several kinds of keyswitch. There is no problem. Both gold pink and gold brown have a traditional feel similar to the mx keyswitch, easy to use, while the silent brown is definitely the best choice for people with higher environmental sound requirements.

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