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Blue, black and red tea, use the gentlest one if you are afraid of tiredness~ [Reproduced]

2020-05-18 09:49

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Key circle female players - unwilling orange juice, TTC gold powder axis to share the experience of using.

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Like to play mechanical keyboard and feel pain in your hands? ? ?

It's time to learn about the latest wave of keyswitch! !

Bringing the light of the domestically produced shaft today-the latest keyswitch report of Trantek



This year’s Girls’ Day, TTC, a leading manufacturer of domestically-made keyswitch, released a pink shaft-TTC gold pink keyswitch that directly hits the hearts of girls. It conducts only 37g of grams and retains the unique refreshing feel of a mechanical keyboard. , And take into account the comfort of typing with long fingers. It can be said that its appearance is not only a good-looking new shaft for the peripheral industry, but also takes into account the light experience and good hand feel.



Comfortable gold pink keyswitch

Mechanical keyboards have been hot in the past few years, but compared to just starting to follow the trend and pursuing a sense of refreshing passages, everyone has gradually realized the problem of finger fatigue caused by long-term playing; so from the blue, black or red,everyone chooses the trigger pressure of the body began to decrease, and the comfort of the fingertips began to be refined and paid attention to; therefore, the appearance of the gold pink keyswitch that satisfies the mechanical keyboard feel and lightness is not only friendly to girls, but also satisfies most of boys who want a relaxed feel.

First experience of gold pink keyswitch



What I received here is a pink and white experience package made by TTC separately for the keyswitch. The delicate leather texture of the packaging box has a good texture to the touch. On the back of the package, there is a detailed introduction to the various parameters and information of the keyswitch. Players who like customization and diy can see its unique advantages from the data.



Unpacking, there is a box full of pink crits, and there are decorative pink balls in the box. It can be said that it is very careful, but ~ I think most girls are not very good at diy, and the box is replaced with other pink peripherals would be more appropriate.


Press more stable-double side wall dust-proof structure


The upper cover of the gold pink keyswitch is made of transparent crystal plastic injection molding. The crystal clear texture can effectively improve the light transmission effect. With the RGB mode, the lighting effect will be more brilliant. On the button structure, the keyswitch adopts the TTC double-sided dust-proof structure, which makes it beautiful and exquisite at the same time, the dustproof effect can be 3 times that of the ordinary shaft, which will greatly avoid the premature termination of the life.



The biggest highlight is the light number of acrylics. In terms of easy-to-understand words, it means that the force required to press down with the finger is very small. The operation feature of the keyswitch is straight up and down linear, unlike brown keyswitch, it has a sense of passage and does not make a click sound like the blue keyswitch. It is like a lightened version of the red shaft, with a conduction force of 37gf and a bottoming force of 45gf. Compared with the standard red shaft conduction force of 45gf and a bottoming force of 60gf, it is gold pink. The operation experience obviously feels that the trigger is faster, the strength is more balanced, and it is smoother, giving people a smooth and comfortable feeling.

In general, the exclusive gold pink keyswitch designed by TTC for girls and codeword workers not only brings a burst of girls' hearts in the visual sense, but more importantly, it can bring a more relaxed and comfortable experience to the fingertips. I like If enthusiasts of mechanical keyboard want to experience a lighter touch, it is worthwhile to use the gold powder axis to make a major keyboard transformation!



May all fingertips be gently hit by the gold pink keyswitch, and all girls can be treated gently by the world~

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