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Some individuals can’t reach the other side, the team can-2017 TTC "Hercules" Cup tug-of-war competition ended perfectly

2017-12-09 10:22

Abstract: On the evening of November 28-30, the TTC "Hercules" Cup tug-of-war competition was held in Zhengding Park. After fierce competition among various departments, the functional departments finally won the championship.


The 2017 TTC "Hercules" Cup tug-of-war is ready


In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the employees of the company, promote the exchanges between various departments, carry forward the team spirit of the departments, and enhance the cohesion of the departments. On the evening of November 28-30, 2017, coordinated by the company's administrative personnel department and united with various departments, a unique TTC "Hercules" Cup tug-of-war competition was held in Zhengding Park.


Competition referee style


This activity is organized by department, consisting of five teams consisting of the first business department, the second business department, the third business department, the fifth business department, and the functional departments. Each team sent ten male employees and five female employees to carry out the event. Participate. The competition adopts a round-robin points competition system, and the final accumulative points determine the place.


Leaders of the company came to the scene to cheer for the game


During the event, the company's factory director and the leaders of various departments visited the competition site to cheer for the employees, and everyone's enthusiasm was even higher. Under the passionate command of the factory director, the TTC "Hercules" Cup tug-of-war competition kicked off.


Some individuals can't reach the other side, the team can


When the referee's whistle sounded, the players from various departments gripped the ropes and pulled back with all their strength. Workers from various departments who did not participate in the competition also spontaneously formed a cheer-leading team. They enthusiastically shouted "Come on" for their department. The whistle and shouts appeared one after another. Everyone wanted to grab the rope and work hard together with the team members. At this moment, Each department vividly demonstrated the strongest match lineup and team style, pushing the intense competition scene to a climax!


Champion: Functional departments


Runner-up: Fifth Business Division


Third place: The second Business Division


After three consecutive days of fierce competition, each department on the field used their tenacious perseverance and hardworking spirit to interpret the meaning of the team for us. In the end, the functional department defeated the first two championship teams with 8 points. The score of perfect score won the championship, the fifth division got 6 points and won the second place, and the second division got the third place with 4 points.


Rejoice in victory, reap joy, power, and passion


Through this competition, it not only demonstrated the strong company culture atmosphere, cultivated the teamwork spirit between department employees, and enhanced the friendship between departments, but also enriched the employees' spare time life, and let everyone gain more. Joy, strength, encouragement, passion.

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