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Xiaomi gaming keyboard grandly listed, unveiling the mystery of MT hybrid axis (Hybrid)

2018-08-12 10:39


On August 8th, Xiaomi launched the 104-key RGB Symphony Gaming Keyboard. It adopts a brand new keyswitch carefully designed and developed in cooperation with TTC for more than a year. It is suitable for both games and office.

At present, Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin Mall, and Taobao Xiaomi flagship store are already on sale at the same time.



This shaft is one of the newly released MT Hybrid keyswitch by TTC, with a total stroke of 3.0mm and a trigger stroke of 2.0mm. The pressing force is between the traditional red keyswitcht and the black keyswitch.

The traditional red keyswitch has a lighter pressing force, and the input experience is soft and comfortable. However, due to the interference of the conductive spring when rebounding, the rebound speed is a little slow. Although the black axis press force is heavier, but the rebound force is large and fast, so it is liked by more game lovers.

The dual spring hybrid technology to combine the advantages of the red and black shafts used in Hybrid. When the keyswitch is pressed down to trigger the 2.0mm stroke, it is the red keyswitch’s feels. Continue pressing down to bottom until it rebounds to the black’s feel, so it rebounds. Powerful, fast switching is beneficial to improve the operating efficiency of competitive games, and it is comfortable and not tiring to use for a long time.


Mi game keyboard customization axis body curve


 MT Hybrid has four kinds of shafts: green, red, brown and black, with a total stroke of 4.0mm and 3.0mm, respectively. The keyboard equipped with the MT Hybrid is easy to disassemble and replace the shaft. No welding is required, and the shaft can be directly unplugged and replace the shaft with the feel you want.



 MT Hybrid is a TTC patented keyswitch. It is different from the traditional shaft. It eliminates the electrical contact piece, and uses the core trigger lever mechanism with an elastic sealed electrical contact method to achieve signal on and off.



The core includes a trigger rod thimble, a small spring, and upper and lower limit covers combined to form a closed space. The operating characteristics of the MT hybrid are similar to the automobile shock absorber system.



After the trigger thimble is pressed down to the conduction of the conductive film, the core can continue to buffer the downward stroke for a certain period of time. The professional term is called "over-stroke", so as to prevent the shaft from being unable to continue to press down after the trigger is turned on. It is impossible to realize the obvious characteristic that the trigger stroke is less than the total stroke and the mechanical axis is adjustable. Compared with the traditional membrane keyboard, it not only feels comfortable but also greatly improves the life span, reaching 50 million times of life.



The keyboard equipped with the MT Hybrid can be called a hybrid mechanical keyboard. In order to avoid the pollution of water vapor and dust, the traditional conductive film structure is used for conductive switching to ensure more stable and reliable use. IP58 dust-proof and waterproof can also be used Easily achieved by design.

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