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Make progress hand in hand, Create splendor -- TTC Officially held the 2017 New Year annual meeting

2017-02-11 15:31

Looking back on 2016, we are full of achievements and enthusiasm. Looking ahead to 2017, we are full of confidence and passion. On January 15, 2017, in order to show the company's enterprising and vigorous development style, TTC held the "Hand in hand, Create splendor" 2017 New Year greeting meeting in Xiaojinkou Cultural Center. The annual conference scene bright lights, extraordinary momentum, performance exquisite, fascinating. Leaders at all levels of the company, invited guests and all colleagues attended the annual meeting. The general manager of the company, Mr. Yu Zhengming, made an important speech at the annual meeting and sent the best wishes for the New Year.

More than the total wonderful speech pulled open the prelude to this annual meeting, more than the total passionate speech, reviewed the company significant achievements in 2016 years, affirms the company all my colleagues in the 2016 years of effort, but also put forward the company in 2017 the new strategic planning, make the company all my colleagues for the development of the company in 2017 is full of confidence! The last sentence, "roll up your sleeves and work hard", also expressed the expectation of All the colleagues of the company.


The general manager addressed the annual meeting


In order to thank the colleagues who have worked hard and made outstanding contributions to their positions in the past year, the company arranged a ceremonious commendation link of "top ten Outstanding Employees of 2016" at the annual meeting. The general manager of the company, Mr. Yu Zhengming, personally came on the stage to give them awards and heavy rewards.


The chairman presented awards to the top ten outstanding employees of the year


Through the organizing committee's strong organization and the actors' hard rehearsals, this annual conference presented a high-level performance to all colleagues and friends, with wonderful programs and one climax after another. The dance "bloom" and "Step on step" jump out of everyone's vision of happiness in 2017; Songs "Sea and sky", "Never left", "Century of spring rain" sing the staff passion unbridled cheerful mood; The skits "Henpecked Man" and "Little Tang Gold Shop" prepared by the first business Department colleagues made the audience laugh constantly; The magnificent "thousandhand Guanyin" is to let the audience enjoy a visual feast; Finally, a chorus "Tomorrow will be better" brought by the functional departments, implying that the business of Huizhou Zhengpai Kedian in the New Year is booming and thriving.


Opening dance, "Cheer up"


Passionate dance "Step on Step"


Sketch "The Henpecked Man"


The magnificent Thousand-hand Guanyin


In order to thank all my colleagues for their hard work in the past year, the company has arranged an exciting lucky draw. Rich and colorful, rich and practical awards in the audience of colleagues in the cheers of the dust gradually settled, also set off the climax of the annual conference.

The brilliant year of 2016 has passed. In 2017, which is full of hope and challenges, TTC staff will strictly implement the eight-character policy of "cost, training, implementation and speed" proposed by Manager Yu, kindle hope with passion and build dreams with practical actions. Hand in hand, create brilliance!

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