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TTC Flame Red Keyboard Switch Series adds a newcomer

2021-09-24 16:01

During the ChinaJoy Expo in Shanghai on July 31, 2021, TTC held the TTC · 2021 Shanghai Meeting at Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, and released TTC Flame red keyboard switch, operating force 45GF, total travel force 53GF, which is a comfortable, Q elastic, strong linear key board switch.

TTC Flame Red Keyboard Switch Series has been well received by players since its launch. As the first brand of this keyboard switch, Dareu has launched the Dareu A84 Flame Red mechanical keyboard on shelves for 10 minutes. More than1000 units are booked, and the sales are very hot.


TTC Flame Red Keyboard Switch Series adds a newcomer


TTC customized keyboard switch starts from solving the needs of players and launching ingenious products with TTC design concept.  Today, TTC has launched the Flame Red Condenser (compatible version)---supports up/down lamp position installation and can be compatible with all keycaps; launched the Flame Red standard version---no condenser, and supports users to DIY lights according to their needs.


TTC Flame Red Keyboard Switch Series   Condenser (Classic Version)


Supports the installation of the upper light position, will not interfere with the keycap, the light will be collected directly to the top, and the light effect is optimal.


TTC Flame Red Keyboard Switch Series   Condenser (Compatible Version)


Through the lower surface and optical design, it is compatible with the upper/lower lamp position installation, and will not interfere with the keycap, and the light will be directly guided to the top after condensing, and the lighting effect is ideal.


TTC Flame Red Keyboard Switch Series  Standard Edition


Use TTC to bridge the upper cover, support SMD lights and pin lights, users can DIY to change the lights according to actual needs.


The three types of TTC cover are:



The upper cover of the concave-convex mirror.  Support under-shaft lights, and pin lamp beads within 3mm thickness (lights must be installed before the keyboard switch).


Overlay the bridge.  Supports under-axle lights and pin lights, players can DIY change lights according to their needs.


The upper cover is hollowed out. Usually need to be used with light guide or condenser to support the keyboard of PCB patch light.



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