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TTC Silent Brown Keyboard Switch(Brown Silent Keyboard Switch)  hit the market

2021-11-24 10:57

    On November 11, 2021, the special day of the annual shopping carnival, TTC silent brown keyboard switch V2 upgrade version -- TTC dust silent brown keyboard switch V2 (silent brown keyboard switch) hit the market.  Thanks to the support and love of the vast number of users, TTC silent brown keyboard switch V2 has been in short supply since it was launched in 2019 with high praise.  It is reputed by players as "the silent brown keyboard switch with the best feel" and "the mechanical keyboard switch with the closest feel to the electrostatic capacity keyboard switch".

     Life like tea, you must calm down to face it.

    TTC silent brown keyboard switch is a keyboard switch that takes more than a year to be carefully tuned and crafted. In order to fully meet the ultimate requirements of players, TTC also specially designed two versions, namely silent brown keyboard switch 1 and silent brown keyboard switch 2. At the same time, TTC also invited some players and fans to conduct internal test, and gained a lot of valuable opinions. 70% of them chose No. 1 keyboard switch with comfortable and round tactile, and 30% of them chose No. 2 keyboard switch with clearer tactile and stronger confirmation. Due to the shortage of time and factory schedule, TTC silent brown keyboard switch 1 will be mass-produced and put on the market this time. Later, TTC silent brown keyboard switch 2 will be launched at a later time.

    Here, thank you very much for the valuable suggestions on the keyboard switch provided by Chidgyi Monster and Xiaowindow, the main keyboard man of STATION B UP. We have made fine adjustment for the keyboard switch of No. 1, and the effect is good. At the same time, I would also like to thank Mr. Hao, the chief of STATION B UP, for his guidance on keyboard switch design. The  silent brown keyboard switch adopts TTC's original partition independent muffling double insurance patent structure (patent number: CN201620057892.3), which has obvious mute effect and also continues the classic parameters and feel of the original version. The upgrade features are as follows:

1. The button adopts high-precision mold and double side wall design, making the keyboard switch more stable and without unnecessary noise.

2. Feel more comfortable and round.

3. Original precise lubrication, ready to use.


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