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Fierce as tiger Quick as flash --- TTC  released the standard version of RGB Tiger keyboard switch

2022-10-22 13:18


On October 21, 2022, TTC officially released -- standard version of RGB Tiger keyboard switch.The keyboard cooperation brand will be exclusively launched by FL·ESPORTS.The first CMK99 mechanical keyboard equipped with standard version of RGB Tiger keyboard switch will be available for pre-sale on October 24 on JD.com, Tmall flagship store and Tiktok.



TTC standard version of RGB Tiger keyboard switch is a linear flagship keyboard switch with lightning trigger and rapid rebound.The design inspiration of TTC Tiger keyboard switch comes from the characteristics of tiger hunting: fierce, swift and decisive. It is also the first Zodiac Lego mechanical keyboard switch released by TTC.There are currently two versions available, the TTC OG version of Tiger Keyboard switch released on January 17th and the Standard version of Tiger Keyboard switch released on March 28th.



The overall appearance color matching design of TTC Tiger keyboard switch adopts the bionic design and popular color of gold tiger elements in 2022 . The core of keyswitch and base corresponds to the color of tiger hair, which is orange-red; the color of the top cover corresponds to the black color of tiger hair; the color of  the base guide column corresponds to the color of the tiger's paw - cream white. Bionic design is carried out on the form and color pattern of the golden tiger in all directions, and the effect is exquisite and flexible.


Due to the tiger keyboard switch in order to fully reflect the color and bionic design of the golden tiger, the upper cover corresponds to the black hair of the golden Tiger to make the shell transparent black design, although the light can be transparent but still unsatisfactory. We also received a lot of feedback and suggestions from players and fans. Thank you very much!



After nine months of ingenuity, TTC released the standard version of RGB Tiger keyboard switch.



Comes with one - piece light guide column transparent upper cover

The new version of TTC standard version of RGB Tiger keyboard switch, fully retain the hand feel and parameter characteristics of TTC tiger keyboard switch, in the light transmission scheme has been carefully adjusted. The fully transparent design is adopted, especially corresponding to the LED lamp position. The light guide column is specially connected with the upper cover when the upper cover is designed. It not only simplifies the process but also improves the light pass rate, so that the RGB lamp effect is more colorful.



The upper cover retains the fine carved tiger head pattern and the ancient Chinese font "Ren Yin", which reflects the elements of heaven and Earth branches in China. The Chinese style is full of Han rhyme.



TTC Tiger keyboard switch is specially designed with a 25.5mm super long strong rebound spring, which hand feeling is more elastic and more stronger. It is designed with 1.08mm pre travel which  shorten the pre travel and make the trigger conduction faster. On this basis, the initial pressure of the keyswitch is increased to prevent miscontact operation, and the trigger is accurate and effective.


TTC  standard version of RGB Tiger keyboard switch, trigger fierce as tiger quick as flash ,  the hand feeling is elastic and strong, trigger  is accurate and rapid.Creative combination of traditional Chinese cultural elements design, using the design of integrated light guide column transparent cover light transmission scheme, RGB light effect is full and brilliant.


The CMK99 released by FL·ESPORTS this time has two themed keyboards: Glacier Blue and Tai Chi. It will be grandly opened for presale on October 24th, following the Jingdong flagship store of FL· EsPorts, Tmall flagship store and Tioyin platform.





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