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[Special day, dedicated to the special you] TTC officially released 37 grams of gold powder shaft

2020-03-07 15:58

On March 7th, Girls' Day, on the special day of 2020, TTC's genuine Kedian officially released the 37-gram power gold powder shaft. Compared with the traditional red shaft of 45 grams force, the TTC gold powder shaft is smoother and lighter to strike, especially when used for a long time, the finger strike is easier and more comfortable.

37 grams force trigger pressure
The TTC gold powder shaft brings a light touch and a supple experience.
Plus or minus 5 grams of force tolerance
The accuracy is 3 times that of ordinary shafts (plus or minus 15 grams of ordinary shafts), so that the feel feedback consistency of each shaft switch is excellent.
Selected materials
Adopting German elastic alloy material technology and the latest spring technology of Japan NIPPON SEISEN Co., Ltd., and double gold contact structure, the gold powder shaft is corrosion-resistant, fatigue-resistant, smooth and long-lasting, and the service life is up to 100 million times. It is the ordinary mechanical shaft. 2 times.

In appearance, the upper cover of the shaft body is injection molded with transparent crystal plastic imported from DuPont, which is crystal clear, effectively improving the light transmission effect, especially with the RGB mode, the lighting effect is more radiant.
Structurally, it adopts the patent of TTC double-side wall dustproof structure, which is beautiful and delicate, elegant and dustproof, and the dustproof effect is 3 times that of ordinary shafts.

Schematic diagram of the structure of the common shaft and the key cap

Ordinary shaft body: The natural state is that the step position of the shaft core is level with the upper cover. When the button is pressed down, there is a large gap between the button and the shaft cover, and the dust and debris around the shaft body fall into the gap. It is easy to invade the inside of the shaft body, causing the switch to jam or malfunction.

TTC dust-proof shaft and key cap coordination structure diagram

TTC dust-proof shaft: The key cap is matched with the shaft core on both sides. The shaft body is tightly matched with the upper cover of the shaft body regardless of whether it is in a natural state or when it is pressed down. The dustproof effect is remarkable.

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