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Sairui launches the best of both worlds gaming keyboard APEX 5 with a new hybrid axis

2020-02-29 16:02

SteelSeries was founded in Denmark in 2001 and is headquartered in Chicago, USA. SteelSeries was born for games. Thanks to the cooperation innovation and product development with top professional e-sports players, Sairui is one of the best configurations of e-sports events and a leader in the global professional gaming peripheral industry. Its products The categories are: keyboards, mice, headsets, mouse pads, and products are sold in more than 80 countries.
On January 22, 2020, in Chicago, USA, SteelSeries Sairui announced the launch of Apex 5, a gaming keyboard with the best of both worlds. Sai Rui CEO Ehtisham Rabbani said: "We found that there are still a lot of players using traditional office peripherals to play games. We carefully reviewed these products and decided to incorporate the most cutting-edge game technology of Sai Rui into them, and strive to make Every player can easily use it. No one should pay for a bad operating experience."

The hybrid axis used in Apex 5 combines the smoothness of traditional membrane switches, the clear touch and hearing of the green axis mechanical switch, and the durability, so as to achieve the perfect integration of two different axis bodies and bring new controls to players Experience.
What is TTC Hybrid Switch (Hybrid Switch)?
How are they similar or different from traditional mechanical shafts? Literally, "Hybrid" can easily remind everyone of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, such as the world-famous Lexus (Lexus) hybrid technology LS 600HL, which combines traditional gasoline engine technology with electric technology. United, dominate the world. So what are the characteristics of the keyboard switch defined as "hybrid"? Before describing the hybrid axis,
Let us first discuss the characteristics of traditional membrane switches and mechanical shafts.
Membrane Keyboard
The introduction of the membrane keyboard was later than the mechanical keyboard. The traditional membrane keyboard switch uses a silicone bowl with three layers of conductive film to switch the switch on or off. Its low manufacturing cost has gradually become a substitute for the mechanical keyboard at that time.

Membrane switches need to be pressed to the bottom to be turned on. The hand feels stiff, long-term use, and the fingers are tired and painful.
Mechanical Keyboard

Each button of the mechanical keyboard is provided with a separate mechanical axis. The mechanical axis is composed of a shell, a button, a movable terminal, a fixed terminal, and a return spring. The button of the blue axis is a separate structure, and the movable part is matched with the movable terminal. Sound.

In addition to being more durable and higher quality, the mechanical shafts are also available with rich and diversified hand feelings. There are linear red shafts and black shafts that are straight up and down, tea shafts with a sense of paragraph, and a sense of paragraph can also emit "Click" Green shaft with crisp sound, you can also choose mute shaft if you like quiet. So, what is the structural difference between a mechanical shaft and a membrane switch?
Membrane switch = silicone bowl + conductive film
Mechanical shaft = return spring + conductive copper sheet, middle conduction

The design of combining mechanical shafts with traditional membrane switches in the industry has been in progress, such as:

(The picture above is the edited PS picture)

This uses a mechanical shaft structure, retains the movable terminal as a sounding part, and opens a hole in the base to allow the shaft core to pass through the shell and hit the conductive film to conduct it. Although the user experience is greatly improved compared with ordinary membrane keyboards, the need to touch the bottom to conduct will bring a stiff feel, and it does not fully realize the feel of the mechanical shaft, and it is easy to damage the conductive film and affect the service life.
TTC Hybrid Switch (Hybrid Switch)
Why is it called a hybrid axis?
The TTC Hybrid Switch adopts a split button, and the dual-spring hybrid is equipped with explosive force and can rebound quickly. The hybrid axis adopts TTC's unique torsion spring sounding patent structure, and the sound is clear and no noise. When pressing, you can feel the mechanical collision and click sound to confirm the input is completed.

Like the mechanical shaft, the conduction stroke of the hybrid shaft is 2.0mm, and the total stroke is 4.0mm. There are green shaft, tea shaft, red shaft, and black shaft to choose from, compatible with the keycaps on the market.
Therefore, the only difference between the hybrid shaft = double return spring + conductive film and the mechanical shaft is that the conductive medium of the hybrid shaft uses a conductive film instead of the PCB circuit board. At the same time, there is no metal sheet interference of the mechanical shaft. The shaft presses smoothly.
The TTC hybrid axis is a real sense axis of the manipulator. You can hardly feel the difference between the hybrid axis and the mechanical axis during use.

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