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Bluish White Keyswitch


Focused and noticeable


  • Segmented long spring, stable and balanced pressure, quick rebound after bottoming
  • The elastic body of the base device can greatly reduce the impact noise generated by the bottom of the button and provide a comfortable operating experience
  • Tactile switching feeling,smooth touch
Keyswitch Type Total travel Pre travel Operating force Tactile travel Tactile force Durability


Bluish white keyswitch 3.5±0.3mm 2.0±0.3mm 42±5gf 3.5±0.3mm 58±5gf 100 million

On the night of the full moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2020, TTC released two new products, both of which are related to Moonlight. The first one is a keyboard switch with light pressing and clear tactile switching feeling.——Bluish white keyswitch 1

▲ The Bluish white keyswitch is equipped with TTC's innovative design of double spring structure.The feeling of pressing is stable and balanced,quick rebound after touching the bottom.


▲ The TTC Bluish white keyswitch adopts the elastic body of the base device, which can greatly reduce the impact noise generated by the bottom of the button and provide a comfortable operating experience.



 ▲ The TTC Bluish white keyswitch is a mechanical keyswitch with a strong tactile switching feeling. Clear and smooth sense of tactile switching, as well as strong and comfortable rebound feedback, without any abrupt feeling




1. The ancients believed that the color of the moon was not pure white, but with a faint blue color. It was moon white, and the appearance color of the TTC Bluish white keyswitch was taken from this.

2. On March 7, 2020, TTC innovatively launched the long spring structure,which was first used for the Gloden pink keyswitch. The keyswitch is easy and smooth to trigger, and the rebound is strong and powerful, which is very popular among players.
In July 2020, TTC innovatively designed the segmented long spring structure, and at the same time customized two segmented springs with different tactile switching feeling for fans to experience. Officially launched in August, Taobao official flagship store.

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