Professional design, development and production of digital encoder, electronic switch and high and low voltage connector

Double break switches 1D1


Double disconnect leaf spring structure, snap action, maximum current 5A 250VAC


  • 20.4L x 6.4W x 10.0H
  • High reliability, high stability
  • can provide multiple actuators, terminals and levers;
  • UL, ENEC, CQC and other certifications
Picture Rating Circuits Operating force Electrical life Lever type Terminal type Certification category
防尘金微动 0.25A 250VDC
5A 250VAC
DPDT 150gf max 20000 Pin plunger Solder terminal  
防尘金微动 0.25A 250VDC
5A 250VAC
DPST-NO 80gf max 20000 Direct pressing handle Bending terminal  

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