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TTC Brother keyswitch


There is no brother without esports game. In ancient time of the Bible, there was a kind of friendship called David and Jonathan, now we have a kind of friendship called esports brother. At the beginning of the new year, TTC Launched the first blockbuster product of 2021--Brother keyswitch. This is a click mechanical keyswitch.


Keyswitch Type Total travel Pre travel Operating force Tactile travel Tactile force Contact Durability

TTC Brother keyswitch 3.5±0.25mm 2.2±0.3mm 37±5gf 1.6±0.3mm 58±5gf Double gold contact 80 million

Clear click and paragraph without noice

Cyan keyswitch is the most representative keyswitch of mechanical keyboard. It has the strongest sense of paragraphs and machinery, which can make a crisp click sound.The clear paragraph is extreamly popular among palyers.

TTC Brother keyswitch uses muffler to eliminate the noise of hitting the bottom,It has obvious effect of noise elimination.Highlight the specially adjusted button structure.

The sound is pure, crisp and pleasant.

Gentle trigger, smooth action

The tolerance of paragraph force is twice as normal cyan keyswitch. Paragraph action conversion is crisp, secondary trigger efficiency increased by 50%.

The structure is the same as Gloden pink keyswitch ,steable as a mountain




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