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Utra subminiature switches 135


Smallest micro switch in the world, Ultra-miniature size and light weight


  • Ultra mini in size: 7.5L x 2.5W x 4.5H
  • Long endurance, over 100,000 cycles
  • IP40 protection level
  • Gold plating contact optional
  • Used for compact visual equipment, compact audio equipment, office automation equipment and other small portable electronic devices
Picture Rating Circuits Operating force Endurance Lever type Terminal type Installation Type
.img 0.1A 24VDC  SPDT 150gf max  10,000 cycles No handle   PCB terminal  Direct-Embedded
.img 0.1A 24VDC  SPDT  50gf max 10,000 cycles Direct pressing handle   PCB terminal  Direct-Embedded
.img 0.1A 24VDC  SPDT  50gf max 10,000 cycles  Put roller press handle   PCB terminal  Direct-Embedded
防尘金微动 0.1A 12VDC SPDT 50gf Max 100,000 cycles Direct pressing handle Pin terminal /
防尘金微动 0.1A 12VDC SPDT 200gf Max 100,000 cycles Pin plunger Pin terminal /

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