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TTC Speed silver keyswitch



  • Faster: Pre-travel (value) is designed to be 1.08﹢0.4/-0.2mm,. It is  46% faster than standard keyswitch (2.0mm pretravel), and 10% faster than silver keyswitch (1.2mm pretravel)
  • More steable:TTC Speed silver button adopts TTC double-side dustproof wall structure, which makes it always as stable as rock no matter in free condition or actuation condition.
  • More reliable :3.1 Optimize initial force  3.2 Optimize operating force lower limit value 3.3 Optimize pre-travel lower limit value  3.4 Strictly prevent seepage  3.5 Military standard,stable and reliable


Keyswitch Type Total travel Pre travel Operating force Contact Durability

Speed silver


3.4-0.4mm 1.08+0.4/-0.2mm 45±4gf Double gold contact 100 million




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