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TTC Flame red keyswitch


More Q, more elastic and more glorious

Monroe flame red lip color matching, a comfortable, sexy and powerful linear shaft



Operating force is consistent with the operating travel, and the feeling is more q-elastic and more powerful

Equipped with TTC's newly designed condenser, it is bursting with flames and dazzling

Multi-process high-precision adjustment, ensure smooth and consistent feeling

Strong rebound, high quality grease from factory, brings you soft, smooth, and light feeling


Keyswitch G series Type Total travel Pre travel Tactile travel Operating force Tactile force Contact Durability

TTC Flame red keyswitch Linear 4.0-0.3mm 2.0±0.6mm None 45±5gf None Double gold contact 100 Million


At the meeting, TTC released a more Q, more elastic and more glorious flame red keyswitch, with a operating force of 45gf and a bottom out force of 53gf. It is a comfortable, sexy and powerful linear keyswitch.

Monroe flame red lip color




In terms of parameters, the TTC flame red keyswitch has a operating force of 45 ± 5gf, a pre travel of 2.0 ± 0.6mm, a total travel of 4.0-0.3mm, a return force of 30gf and a service life of 100 million times.


More Q and more elastic - TTC flame red keyswitch design concept:

Compared with the standard red keyswitch, the coperating force and pre travel are consistent   of the flame red keyswitch, but the bottom out  force is 10 GF slighter and the return force is 10 GF larger. In addition, the flame red keyswitch is also the  longest spring used on keyswitch designed by TTC so far, and the length of spring reaches 24.5mm. These design changes make the feeling of the flame red keyswitch more q and elastic and more powerful.


Measured results of flame red keyswitch and red keyswitch



TTC flame red keyswitch, equipped with TTC's newly designed condenser, has the advantages of brighter and higher light guide efficiency. Under the same power, the luminous flux and light power are higher. In addition, the condenser has the performance of more uniform luminescence and better color consistency.



TTC flame red keyswitch will be launched by Dareu. The first model of Dareu is a84. Its appearance color matching is consistent with the flame red keyswitch design. A large number of red elements are adopted in the design, which is sexy, exquisite and radiant.

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