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Colorful Red Keyswitch (Water Green)


It can be used directly because its lubrication.



Adopting TTC long spring structure, 41gf trigger, 48gf bottoming, it is a linear keyboard switch with light pressure and strong rebound;
The cap and base are both made of PA nylon material with low-frequency rebound percussion sound;
Adopting TTC light pipe structure, RGB lighting effect is more gorgeous;
The keyboard switch center is made of POM material, which uses the same high-precision mold with TTC gold red keyboard switch;



Keyswitch G series Type Total travel Pre travel Tactile travel Operating force Tactile force Contact Durability


TTC colorful red keyboard switch

(Water Green)

Linear  4.0±0.4mm 1.9±0.5mm 41±10gf None Double gold contact 80 Million


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