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Decompression keyboard switch tester


On January 18, 2022, TTC officially released TTC decompression tester, the first of which is the year of the Tiger Zodiac limited edition.

Bomb bomb bomb! Bomb out all the annoyance. TTC tiger limited edition decompression keyboard switch tester is 22mm high, approximate cube shape, side engraved with tiger head pattern, compatible with most of the keyboard switch on the market.


Support by bionic design   Delicate and flexible

TTC Tiger keyboard switch and TTC decompression keyboard switch tester are the limited edition of the year of the tiger. The over all appearance color matching design adopts the popular color of Golden Tiger elements in 2022. Refer to tiger hair color - orange red and tiger claw color - milky white, bionic design is carried out for the shape, color and grain of golden tiger in an all-round way, with exquisite and flexible effect.

Cultural elements add glamour

Chinese culture is extensive and profound, with a long history and profound connotation. In 2022, the heavenly stem and earthly branches of the Chinese lunar calendar is "Ren Yin" and the tiger is the zodiac sign. The top cover of TTC Tiger keyboard switch and the bottom of the decompression tester of TTC Tiger keyboard switch limited edition are engraved with the ancient font "Ren Yin", which is Chinese traditional style and very attractive.


Support by TTC professional e-sports keyboard switch sockets  

Free keyboard switch       Replace as your pleasure

TTC decompression keyboard switch tester adopts TTC professional E-sports keyboard switch socket, which is compatible with all MX mechanical keyboard switch and free keyboard switch. It can be replaced at will, with a service life up to 10000 times, once and for all.


Support by Panasonic lithium battery  Durable

TTC decompression keyboard switch tester is equipped with Panasonic CR2032 imported button battery with nominal capacity of 220mah and durability.

At the same time, it is also equipped with a high-quality button battery base. When the battery capacity is insufficient, disassemble the top cover of the decompression keyboard switch tester to easily replace the battery.


Beauty and practicality    Perfect pair    Fondle admiringly

TTC decompression tester is equipped with RBG magic LED lamp beads, and the user triggers the light effect when pressing the test keyboard switch. White and blue lights will appear when pressing continuously. Press for a long time, the light slowly alternates from white, blue, yellow and red for 2 times, and then change the color quickly and frequently. Good looking, practical, radiant and you just can't put it down.

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