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HEY Keyswitch


TTC HEY keyboard switch, is a linear keyboard switch jointly customized by well-known team XIKII and TTC. It adopts TTC double section extended spring structure, 50GF trigger pressure.  It also uses a five-pin keyboard switch mold, improved light guide column structure (both upper and lower lamp position compatible key cap). At the same time, the keyboard switch is also made of Dupont nylon material with a low frequency rebound sound. And This keyboard switch also adopts TTC dustproof wall structure keyboard switch core. It can make the switch feel stable and smooth, factory precision lubrication, ready to use.


Keyboard switch Name Type Total travel Pre travel Operating force Bottem out force Life
img TTC HEY keyboard switch Linear 4.0-0.4mm 2.0±0.4mm 50±10gf 58.5gf 100 million


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