Professional design, development and production of digital encoder, electronic switch and high and low voltage connector

Tiger Keyswitch (standard version)


TTC Tiger keyboard switch
Fierce as tiger, quick as flash


Fierce as tiger:25.5mm super long and strong rebound spring; 
Quick as flash:1.08mm pre travel, Improve trigger efficiency, comfortable and refreshing;
Carefully crafted zodiac tiger head pattern, precision mold processing patented technology;
The ancient Chinese character "壬寅(Ren Yin)" has a national style, full of charm;
Anti-corrosion coating electroplating process, gold-plated double contacts, reliable and stable.



Keyswitch G series Type Total travel Pre travel Operating force Contact Durability


TTC Tiger keyboard switch

(standard version)

Linear  3.7mm 1.08mm 45gf Double gold contact 100 Million








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