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Frozen Silent Keyswitch V2


Same as golden pink keyswitch and very quiet

Key-in smoothly and more quietly



1、Spring added silver plating process.

2、TTC condenser module is added to enhance light guiding and brighten 60%;

3、The stem was upgraded from the original PC material to more wear-resistant, lower dynamic friction coefficient of the new transparent material.

4、Adopts the same "wear gold and silver" process as TTC honey keyswitch, adds anti-oxidation coating silver plating process on conductive terminal surface, improve keyswitch oxidation resistance and durability;

5、TTC silent keyswitch adopts double insurance silent structure design, the stem and the top cover, base impact section independent silent noise reduction, impact contact large area, small elastic deformation, obvious silent effect, key-in smoothly and more quietly.


Keyswitch G series Type Total travel Pre travel Tactile travel Operating force Tactile force Contact Durability

TTC frozen silent keyswitch V2 Linear 3.5±0.4mm 2.0±0.4mm None 39±10gf None Double gold contact 50 Million








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