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Light Cloud Keyswitch V2


TTC light cloud keyboard switch is jointly customized by  Zhudi Meihao Shouji and TTC. Quick trigger and mute design.


Extremely fast

1.2mm Extreme Speed Trigger

The trigger speed is 40% faster than the conventional mechanical keyboard switch

3.5mm high-speed bottom, the complete button time is reduced by 25%

Both input and games have a more efficient experience


Extremely stable

Continue the TTC "Gold" series of high-end mold workmanship

High precision mould and double side wall design

Make the keyboard switch shake less and have no extra noise


Extremely  bomb

Adopt TTC gold-plated double-stage extension spring

The spring is prepressing

The rebound is more powerful than the conventional keyboard switch


Light effect:Modified light-guiding column, compatible with up and down SMD lamps


Keyboard switch Name Type Total travel Pre travel Operating force Buttom out  force Life
TTC light cloud keyboard switch v2 Linear 3.5±0.4mm 1.2±0.4mm 45±10gf 58±10gf 80 million


Parameters of products


Upper cover material: PA nylon fine frosted

Base material: PA nylon

The core material of keyboard switch: POM

Spring: Gold-plated double-section extension spring

Contact life: 80 million times

Pins: 5 silver plated terminals


Silver Plated Terminals: Designed for added durability for hot-swappable keyboards


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