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Xiaofang Keyswitch



1.Light and soft, easy for typewriting.43gf operating force,1.6mm Pre-travel,3.8mm total travel,moderate gentle operating force, and fast trigger efficiency,easy for long-time typewriting.There is a good balance between work-typewriting and game-relaxing.

2.TTC innovative small leaf spring design is adopted to reduce the amplitude and sound of leaf spring by reducing the transverse and longitudinal lever arms of leaf spring.

3.The configuration of Xiaofang keyswitch,full POM cover + POM core,adopt modified upgraded POM material, ready to use, the more you use it, the smoother it gets.



Keyswitch Name Type Total travel Pre travel Operating force Bottom out force


Xiaofang  keyswitch Five-pin linear  keyswitch 3.8mm 1.6mm 43gf 50gf

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