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TTC & infi joint customization TTC Xizi Keyswitch is coming

2023-05-24 16:55

Xizi keyswitch was named after Xishi, a beauty in the State of Yue during the Spring and Autumn Period. Xishi is one of the "Four beauties of ancient China" and enjoys the reputation of "A beautiful face which causes fish to sink out of sight and the flying crane to drop down". She is a natural beauty. And she is the embodiment and synonym of beauty.

【Colour Assortment】

Nelumbo nucifera is the  flower incarnation  of Xishi. Xishi was born in a water village, and the silk washing is placed on the side of the nelumbo nucifera. Most of the paintings of Xishi's figures are accompanied by nelumbo nucifera.
 The lotus are always clean/pure when grown out of the dirty mud, and are alway seductive when pured by the clean water. Nelumbo nucifera out of the mud pool, born in nature. The Xizi keyswitch button is cyan. The cyan color between blue and green is the neutralization of lotus leaf green and sky blue, which is the adaptation and integration of plants and their growing environment. Nelumbo nucifera are single at the top of the pedicel, above the water. And Nelumbo nucifera color has white, pink or crimson and other variations, white pink color, graceful.

【 Material collocation 】

TTC Xizi keyswitch uses the full POM shell +POK core scheme. POK material has super wear-resistant and low noise properties, and POM has self-lubricating properties. As a result, this scheme has a very good performance in both smoothness and sound performance.

【 Parameter configuration 】

TTC Xizi keyswitch is a linear keyswitch, the parameters are set as 42gf operating force, 1.8mm pre travel, 3.6mm total travel; equipped with custom 20mm double section long spring, gentle press, bounce back the hand; with an independent condenser,the keyswitch light transmission effect is significant, keyboard RGB light effect dazzling. The lengthened keyswitch core is designed to reach the bottom in advance, between the points of contact, to open the beautiful enjoyment.

Other configuration

The Xizi keyswitch belongs to TTC high-end customized keyswitch. TTC double side wall dust-proof wall structure button is adopted to improve pressing stability. The Xizi keyswitch is a five-pin keyswitch, which is more stable and reliable in connection with PCB board. The double - pin electroplating process improves the durability of hot swapping. TTC precision mill, press more smoothly, no need to open keyswitch processing again lubrication, ready to use.

【 First load 】

The keyswitch is first loaded on the infi75 customized mechanical keyboard, three-mode connection, quick switch to change freely.Adopt metal inner structure, plate spring Gasket structure; 75% layout, keyboard equipped with right upper half high knob and right full color screen, fine design, improve efficiency; Full key hot swap design, equipped with TTC hot swap keyswitch seat, fine tuning satellite keyswitch and TTC Xizi keyswitch, providing DIY enjoyment for players and users; The keyboard comes in cream white, carbon black and Barbie pink.

For the convenience of users to choose, we will make a comparison of the specifications and parameters of the keyswitch of the three popular full POM shell recently.


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