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The first phase of TTC's "Mystery Factory Tour" kicks off

2020-09-03 13:46


From July 18th to 19th, 2020, TTC held the first phase of the "Mystery Factory Journey" event, inviting well-known celebrities in the bilibili peripheral circle "Red Hitomi" and "Shrimp Maru 99", well-known dismantling experts A group of 9 people, including the "Flying Brother", the well-known peripheral expert "Dali Jingangzhi", and the lucky fans drawn in the pet fan activity came to Huizhou TTC headquarters to visit and exchange.



On the morning of the 18th, all the big coffee rushed all the way from Shenzhen to the TTC headquarters in Huizhou. Mr. Yu Zhengming, general manager of TTC Zhengpai Kedian, personally received the factory line and introduced the growth process of TTC and shared with you from a technical perspective. After the switch design principle, we also learned more about the story behind the switch.



In the introduction to the first half of the launch of the "net red axis body" TTC gold axis, Mr. Yu just like to show you their favorite toys, to share with you the design concept of gold axis, product positioning, product features and so on, excited like a "big child".



In the interactive session, everyone raised various questions about mechanical keyswitches, micro switches, and encoder products. Mr. Yu answered them one by one, exposing everyone's doubts.



Mr. Yu also asked all of you about the expectations and voice of e-sports players on keyswitch, micro switches, and encoder products.



The time came to the afternoon of the 18th. Under the leadership of the TTC staff, everyone visited the TTC International Laboratory (US UL and EU ENEC International Laboratory) for quality control. The fans also personally experienced the test feel under the guidance of the technicians. Of precision instruments.



Experienced the TTC international silent test room for silent switches;



Afterwards, we arrived at the important destination of this factory trip-TTC Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Axis Intelligent Manufacturing Center. The staff led everyone to watch the keyswitch from a close range of parts assembled into a complete keyswitch through intelligent automation equipment process.



Through the windows of the keyboard switch history corridor, we can see neat rows of keyboard switch intelligent automation equipment working busy.



The keyboard switch manufacturing director led everyone into the keyboard switch manufacturing workshop and introduced the shaft production process.


Neat material area

Vice President He leads everyone to visit the micro switch and encoder production workshop


From design to intelligent manufacturing, TTC has always insisted on putting quality first and creating products with the craftsmanship of “striving for perfection”, striving to provide customers with high-reliability and high-quality switch and encoder products for gaming players.

TTC takes root in the first line of production, is committed to technological innovation and refined production, and has successfully developed a variety of high-quality and creative customized products with brand customers.

Through this factory tour activity, on the one hand, we directly understood the needs and expectations of e-sports players for products, and allowed the TTC R&D team to design better products in the future. On the other hand, e-sports players also experienced the TTC’s With manufacturing strength and original technical strength, I learned more about the stories behind TTC keyswitches, micro switches and encoders

Here, I am very grateful to the majority of e-sports players and fans for their continued love and support to TTC. Your suggestions and requirements will always be the source of motivation to encourage TTC to innovate and create.

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