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KS4 silent red keyswitch was launched by TTC, enjoying the quiet and good feel

2018-05-02 10:12

On April 25, 2018, TTC officially launched the silent red axis, and the Yuemi Keyboard PRO version became the first mechanical keyboard equipped with this keyswitch.

In recent years, the market has become more and more demanding for silent mechanical keyboards. However, due to the design requirements of mechanical keyboards, the fixed keyswitch is usually a steel plate (so mechanical keyboards are much heavier than membrane keyboards).

Although the red shaft and the black shaft are linear shafts, they will not make a clicking sound like the green shaft and the tea shaft, but the sound of the bottom hitting the steel plate and the core rebounding against the upper cover of the shaft is still slightly louder. Can not be used in the quiet night.

Mute keyswitch VS red  keyswitch experimental test

We use the TTC Silent Laboratory to test the sound data of the standard red shaft and the silent red shaft. The test distance between the product and the instrument is 30cm, and the keyswitch with the keycap placed on the steel plate base is continuously hit with a test rod.

According to the TTC laboratory’s sound test on the TTC mute red  keyswitch, in a silent room test environment of 25.2dB(A), the average sound produced by tapping the axis is 32dB(A), which is the smallest that can be achieved by tapping so far. Noisy mechanical keyswitch.

Also in the 25.2dB(A) silent room test environment, the percussion test on the TTC red axis, the average sound data test is 46dB(A).

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed noise standards to protect health and tranquility in 1975. China has also proposed the permissible range of environmental noise: the noise at night (from 22:00 to 6:00 the next day) shall not exceed 30 decibels, and during the day (from 6 to 22:00) the noise shall not exceed 40 decibels.

The ISO recommended standard sleep decibel base is: 30dB. According to the survey, the noise level threshold that interferes with sleep and rest is 50 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night.

The TTC mute red keyswitch is equipped with a square ring-shaped buffer silica gel at the contact part of the button and the upper cover to eliminate the noise caused by the button rebound and knocking on the upper cover; the through hole of the base and the button is added with buffer silica gel to eliminate the noise caused by the button hitting the base .

The TTC mute red keyswitch can achieve a mute effect without affecting the feel of the traditional red keyswitch. The sound decibels are lower than the noise standard that affects sleep, allowing players to use the mechanical keyboard to play games in a quiet night without worries.


One of the major advantages of mechanical keyboards is that they can meet the various requirements of users. According to your own preferences, you can always find a keyboard that suits you. It's really not good. You can also DIY a keyboard that meets your own requirements.

Starting from the market, following the needs of players, developing customized high-quality switch products is TTC's attitude towards products. In the past period of time, TTC has continued to provide the market with high-quality new keyswitch that are appealing to players and demanded by the market, such as:

KS4 series dust-proof keyswitch

Features: Improve the dust-proof effect of the shaft, which is 3 times the protection effect of the standard shaft, so that the complex environment such as Internet cafes can also use mechanical keyboards.

KS4 series speed keyswitch

Features: Short stroke, faster trigger, fast gaming experience. TTC speed keyswitch can choose total travel (TT) 3.0mm, on-travel (OT) 1.5mm super speed keyswitch or total travel (TT) 3.5mm, on-travel (OT) 1.7mm speed keyswitch .

KS4 series pluggable keyswitch

Features: During the use of the mechanical keyboard, due to factors such as environment and operation, the shaft may fail and fail. The TTC pluggable keyswitch can be welded and easily plugged and replaced.

KS4 series glod keyswitch

Features: 24K gold structure, 24K gold contacts, corrosion and oxidation resistance, absolutely no double-click;

Using the latest spring material from NIPPON SEISEN Co., Ltd., the elasticity is stable and consistent, and the elasticity is controlled within plus or minus 5 grams;

Using Germany's latest memory elastic metal, the feel deviation rate after 100 million times of service life is less than 5%, and the real feel has a long fresh-keeping period.

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