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Heart-warming Reunion Dinner-Top Ten Shots of TTC Welcome Dinner 2018

2018-03-12 10:48

The golden rooster bids farewell to the old year and the Swiss dog welcomes the new year. On the evening of February 3, 2018 New Year welcoming banquet was held in the company canteen! Attending the dinner were the company's senior executives and relevant leaders of various business units, and all the staff gathered at the welcoming dinner to welcome the Spring Festival. Next, please follow the editor's eyes to review the top ten heart-warming shots (with bright spots)!

Heart-warming shot 1: In order to provide everyone with a warm reunion dinner, all the administrative personnel department dispatched and prepared together.



Heart-warming shot 2: The playing of New Year's Eve music creates a lively and festive atmosphere, guiding all colleagues of the company to enter the venue one after another, looking forward to the beginning of the New Year banquet.



Heart-warming shot 3: Mr. Min Yaping, the manager of the administrative personnel department, presided over the welcome dinner to all the leaders and colleagues in advance, and announced the start of the welcome dinner.



Heart-warming shot 4: The director of the company, Mr. Hu Changmin, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the company, extending New Year greetings to all employees, and expressing gratitude to all employees for their hard work in the past year



Heart-warming shot 5: Mr. He Jingbo, Director of Manufacturing Center, presented awards to the top ten employees of 2017 and extended his warm congratulations.



Heart-warming shot 6: After the awards, all employees toast together to announce that the welcome dinner has officially begun!



Heart-warming shot 7: The company leaders toast together to celebrate and welcome the new year that the company will develop more vigorously!



Heart-warming shot 8: The company leaders personally came to each table to pay tribute to the employees, thanking all employees for their hard work and contributions over the past year, which made the atmosphere of the dinner climax!



Heart-warming shot 9: The family members of the company toast to the party to celebrate!



Heart-warming shot 10: All departments of the company were filled with smiles and happily gathered at the welcome banquet, which pushed the atmosphere of the banquet to a climax again.



In the new year, a new course has been opened, holding new hopes and carrying new dreams. In 2018, we will start from the new pattern and new changes, tap new opportunities, seek new breakthroughs, and use a hundred times more. Passion, honest work, joint efforts and innovation. In 2018, Huizhou Trantek Electronics Co., Ltd. will inevitably create new peaks and bloom new excitements in the same industry!

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