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TTC is carrying out anti-drug publicity activities on the theme of "No drugs coming into my house"

2020-05-17 11:00

In order to further improve the awareness of factory workers on the dangers of drugs and self-protection awareness, on the morning of May 12, 2020, Huizhou City, Huicheng Xiaojinkou Drug Control Office led a team, the United People's Congress, the General Administration Office, the Tax Bureau, the Procuratorate and other departments to TTC to carry out "do not let drugs into my home" as the theme of anti-drug publicity activities.



During the event, through the distribution of promotional pages, promotional materials, face-to-face to the staff to introduce what is drugs, drugs to individuals, families, society, as well as anti-drug laws and regulations.In the propaganda process, workers are deeply infected, aware that the harm of drugs is not only harm to themselves, but also harm the surrounding workers, relatives and even society as a whole, creating a good factory anti-drug atmosphere.

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