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Fierce as tiger Quick as flash --- TTC launched the standard version of Tiger keyboard switch

2022-03-28 17:38

On March 28, 2022, TTC Trantek Electronics officially launched the standard version of TTC tiger keyboard switch. This is a linear flagship keyboard switch with lightning trigger and rapid rebound.

The design inspiration of TTC Tiger keyboard switch comes from the characteristics of tiger hunting: fierce, swift and decisive, to consume the minimum energy to obtain the maximum harvest. Therefore, it is known as the "King of mountains" or "King of beasts".


Fierce as tiger, swift as lightning. TTC Tiger keyboard switch is especially suitable for high-speed typing, lightening trigger application scenarios.



Tiger keyboard switch vs Speed silver keyboard switch vs Flame red keyboard switch



Fierce as tiger


TTC Tiger keyboard switch is specially designed with a 25.5mm super long strong rebound spring, which is also the longest spring in TTC at present. Innovating the production process, overcoming the difficulty of long spring assembly, and making the keyboard switch more elastic, more stronger, rapid rebound and handy.


Swift as lightning


It is designed with 1.08mm pre travel and lightning trigger. Through the design, it adopts super long strong rebound spring to improve the initial pressure of the keyboard switch and prevent accidental contact operation. It is safe and more effective. The total travel of 3.7mm is designed to improve the firing efficiency and make the user experience more comfortable and refreshing.



The standard version of TTC tiger keyboard switch consists of 7 parts. Compared with the OG version of TTC tiger keyboard switch, the tiger head pattern and renyin pattern of the upper cover are integrated with the upper cover shell, and the button is a brand-new integrated precision mold.



The difference between the OG version and the standard version is mainly due to the different processing technology of the Tiger keyboard switch top cover and the different sense of shape and pattern recognition. However, the internal structure, parameters and performance of Tiger keyboard switch are the same.





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