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Beautiful, durable and more transparent TTC releases personalized keycaps

2022-08-03 11:19


3D visual design, so that "love" can be seen and touched!

The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is "Chinese Valentine's Day", which is the most romantic festival in China, also known as "Qixi Festival". As the Qixi Festival of the Year of the Tiger in Renyin is approaching, TTC specially designed a personalized high-transparency keycap of "Love" with deep love, born for love and crazy for love!



In 2022, the Year of the Tiger in Chinese traditional culture, TTC released the first zodiac commemorative keyboard switch - TTC Tiger keyboard switch, TTC Tiger keyboard switch OG version. There is a tiger head pattern embedded on the cover of the keyboard switch, which is injection molded with a two-color, two-material and two-mold cross design. The pattern is extremely fine and extremely difficult. Once listed, it has attracted much attention.



To this end, TTC specially customized a transparent keycap crystal clear, fresh and textured high-transparency- TTC transparent keycap for users.




Through the shell made of highly transparent material, the fingertips touch the 3D raised design pattern, and pressing the keycap drives the mechanical sense of the keyboard switch operating on the keyboard, and the light bursts during the bounce. Under the cover of the keycap, the keyboard switch is like a treasure protected by glass windows in the museum, which is prohibitive but exciting.




TTC personalized keycap adopts international brand PC with high light transmittance in a large area, and the pattern of 3D convex design in the middle adopts international brand PBT thermoplastic saturated polyester material with high toughness, high heat resistance, low friction coefficient and low water absorption rate. Beautiful, non-slip and durable.



More transparent

From the traditional single-color keycaps, which meet the most basic tool use requirements, to the colorful double-color, double-color, five-sided sublimation and other more personalized and exquisite keycaps on the market today, people have a better sense of the keyboard's beauty.


TTC personalized keycaps have ingeniously designed the aesthetic style of keycaps with no extra edges and corners inside and outside and no reinforcing ribs. The inner and outer surfaces are highly transparent and high-definition, and the texture is full.

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