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Firing accuracy increased by 20% TTC released the upgraded version of the Speed silver keyboard switch V2

2022-07-12 14:31


On July 11, 2022, after more than half a year of careful adjustment and ingenuity, the upgraded version of the TTC Speed silver keyboard switch V2 was officially released. 



On March 29, 2021, in response to the needs of e-sports game players, TTC launched a "super-power" e-sports weapon with fast triggering, fast rebound, and reliability and stability - the TTC Speed Silver Keyboard Switch.



Compared with the traditional silver keyboard switch (1.2mm trigger), the TTC speed silver keyboard switch is specially designed with a 1.08mm conduction stroke for faster triggering; it improves the initial pressure, optimizes the product structure and related technical parameters, greatly reduces the probability of false triggering by light pressure . Once listed, it has been loved and recognized by players.



Today, the upgraded version of speed silver keyboard switch V2 is officially launched. On the basis of maintaining the shape and structure of the original speed silver keyboard switch V1, speed silver keyboard switch V2 has been upgraded as follows:


1. The firing accuracy is increased by 20%

On the basis of the first generation, speed silver keyboard switch V2  has been further optimized for triggering characteristics, anti-miscontact control and stability by improving the precision of the mold. And the conduction stroke has been changed from 1.08+0.4/-0.2mm to 1.08+ 0.4/-0.08mm, the conduction tolerance zone area has been narrowed from the original 0.6mm to 0.48mm. Compared with the speed silver keyboard switch V1 (0.6mm), the upgraded version V2 (0.48mm) has a 20% higher firing and conduction accuracy . Compared with the silver keyboard switch (0.8mm), the speed silver keyboard switch upgraded version V2 has a 40% increase in the firing and conduction accuracy.



2. Increase the "wearing gold and silver" process to improve the oxidation resistance and durability of the keyboard switch

At the same time, the TTC speed silver keyboard switch V2 also adopts the same "wearing gold and silver" process as the honey keyboard switch and the gold pink keyboard switch V2. The anti-oxidation coating silver plating process is added to the conductive metal surface of the keyboard switch to improve the oxidation resistance and durability of the keyboard switch .

Increase quantity without increase price! On July 11, TTC Speed Silver Keyboard Switch V2 was officially listed in TTC Tmall flagship store and TTC Taobao self-owned store!



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