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Quick trigger and mute Zhudi Meihao Shouji x TTC Light Cloud V2 comprehensive upgrade!

2022-08-15 10:31

Smoother and quieter

Zhudi Meihao Shouji × TTC  Light Cloud keyboard switch V2



The Light Cloud keyboard switch is inspired by "cloud"

Cover the keyboard switch with clean cloud white, extremely pure

Different materials, rendered with the same cloud white

This purity is hard to come by


Quick trigger and mute

An artifact of harmony in dorms and families



Light Cloud keyboard switch V2 is a rare keyboard switch that takes into account both mute and games

It combines the Speed silver trigger keyboard switch(trigger speed increased by 40%)

With the advantage of a silent keyboard switch, neither affects the rest of others

Excellent gaming and input performance

It is a well-deserved family and dormitory artifact


more than silence


Adopt TTC fourth generation silent keyboard switch technology

The remaining little rustling has also been optimized

Closer to true "silence"



more than lubrication


The smoothness of the mute keyboard switch has always been an industry problem

On the basis of the Light Cloud keyboard switch V2, the smoothness is further

With the Light Cloud V2, you'll feel like you're holding a feather

Almost no rubbing sensation


Extremely fast

1.2mm Extreme Speed Trigger

The trigger speed is 40% faster than the conventional mechanical keyboard switch

3.5mm high-speed bottom, the complete button time is reduced by 25%

Both input and games have a more efficient experience


Extremely stable

Continue the TTC "Gold" series of high-end mold workmanship

High precision mould and double side wall design

Make the keyboard switch shake less and have no extra noise


Extremely bomb

Adopt TTC gold-plated double-stage extension spring

The spring is prepressing

The rebound is more powerful than the conventional keyboard switch


Light guide column

Adopt TTC light guide column technology

It can evenly diffuse the light, making the light soft and comfortable



The appearance is upgraded


In order to enhance the Light Cloud V2,the upper cover adopts a fine matte texture

The appearance and texture are further improved


Parameters of products

Upper cover material: PA nylon fine frosted

Base material: PA nylon

The core material of keyboard switch: POM

Spring: Gold-plated double-section extension spring

Contact life: 80 million times

Pins: 5 silver plated terminals


Silver Plated Terminals: Designed for added durability for hot-swappable keyboards

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