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Both games and work are suitable - TTC released the Flaming Purple Keyswitch

2022-09-02 09:05

On September 1,2022,on the special day of looking forward to the future, TTC grandly launched the keyswitch which are suitable for gaming and work - TTC Flaming Purple Keyswitch.



Generally speaking, in a comfortable work or an application scenario where you need to tap the keyboard for a long time, you may choose to trigger gently, rebound with your hand, and tap a keyswitch that is not tired, such as a gold pink keyswitch.


E-sports games are passionate and courageous. What everyone pursues is the e-sports spirit of being brave to fight, to surpass, and to dare to win. Therefore, when an e-sports player chooses an e-sports keyboard, a fast trigger, fast rebound, reliable and stable "superpower" e-sports weapon keyswitch, such as the Speed Silver Keyswitch, will definitely be the first choice.


So, can there be a super keyswitch that can take into account both comfortable work and e-sports games? The TTC Flaming Purple Keyswitch is here! And it also brought the twin brother - the Flaming Snow Keyswitch.



Both games and work are suitable


In terms of parameters, compared with the gold pink keyswitch, the operating travel of the TTC Flaming Purple Keyswitch is advanced from 2.0mm of the gold pink keyswitch to 1.6mm, and the triggering efficiency is increased by 20%; the total travel is shortened from 4.0mm of the gold pink switch to 3.6mm, and the reciprocating operation efficiency increased by 10%; reduced total travel while triggering faster.


42 grams of gentle and moderate operating force, with the design of 23mm single-stage super-long spring, the force is balanced, bouncing with fast rebound and follow-hand, suitable for long-term typing without getting tired, it can not only trigger quickly, rebound quickly, but also  improves the game hitting efficiency, which is suitable for both games and work.



The twin brother of the TTC Flaming Purple Keyswitch——the TTC Flaming Snow Keyswitch, has the same specifications and parameters as the Flaming Purple Keyswitch, but differs in appearance color matching and light transmission scheme.


In order to carefully create the Flaming Purple Keyswitch and the Flame Snow Keyswitch that are suitable for gaming and office, TTC spent nearly a year, from optimizing the product structure to re-manufacturing precision molds, and then selecting special new materials and new processes, crafted with a thousand tempers and ingenuity.


① A new central spindle mold is specially designed for the design


The TTC Flaming Purple Keyswitch is designed with an elongated central spindle, and the central spindle column is used for bottom positioning in the structure. While triggering accurately, the collision between the central spindle and the base produces a refreshing "da-da" sound, which directly improves the good input confirmation experience.



②Select the new material of POK polymer from HYOSUNG company in South Korea

  1. POK is the English abbreviation of Polyketone Material
  2. Compared with the existing solid material POM (polyoxymethylene), the wear resistance of POK is 14 times that of POM;
  3. The impact resistance of POK is 230% higher than that of nylon (PA) and 1.4 times higher than that of POM;
  4. POK has excellent chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance and oil resistance.



③Adopt "wear gold and silver" , anti-oxidation and anti-blackening process


The conductive metal shrapnel and the outer layer of the fixed terminal are added with an anti-oxidation coating and silver plating process, which not only improves the electrical conduction performance, but also improves the anti-blackening, anti-oxidation and durability of the metal terminal feet.It is regarded as a durable design for DIY replacement of the keyswitch of the hot-swappable keyboard.



④Condenser lens blessing, coloured and dazzling


The TTC Flaming Purple Keyswitch is equipped with a TTC compatible condenser lens, compatible with most keycaps, and it is compatible with the balance bar structure.


The TTC condenser structure has the advantages of brighter and higher light guide efficiency.Under the same power, the luminous flux and light power are higher.In addition,the condenser has the performance of more uniform luminescence and better color consistency.



The TTC Flaming Purple Keyswitch will be officially listed for pre-sale at 10:00 am on September 1 in TTC official Taobao self-operated store.The keyboard brand will be launched by KZZI and Raytheon. Raytheon is expected to go on sale on November 1.



The TTC Flaming Snow Keyswitch adopts a high-transparent convex lens PC cover, and cooperates with the metal terminals and contact pieces to be silver-plated. The keyboard brand equipped with TTC Flaming Snow Keyswitch will be launched by Higround overseas and by Game Power in China.Higround is expected to be listed in the United States on September 9, and Game Power is expected to be listed simultaneously in China on September 9.


Higround is invested by the e-sports giant 100 Thieves (Hundred Thieves Club). Higround is both a computer peripheral brand and a lifestyle brand, aiming to express noble gaming culture. Higround was founded by Rustin Sotoodeh and Kha Lu to create high-quality peripherals with unique designs that echo the general culture of fashion, gaming and technology. Each collection has a unique limited edition, which adds personality to devices that sell out in seconds.


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