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"High wings of freedom, Attacking of Titan Heart" TTC released RGB version of Titan Heart Keyswitch

2022-10-17 15:04

On October 16, 2022, TTC officially released RGB version of Titan Heart  Keyswitch. Domestic keyboard partners will be exclusively launched by Royalaxe and overseas by Higround, a brand of 100 Thieves Club.

The background of story


The design of the exterior color of the Titan Heart  Keyswitch is inspired by "Attack on Titan"


"High wings of freedom, Attacking of Titan Heart" , "Attack on Titan" is a juvenile manga work created by Japanese cartoonist Isayama Hajime. It tells the story of the sudden emergence of the human's natural enemy "Titan" in the world. Faced with an existential crisis, the surviving humans fled to a place and built three huge walls. 60-meter-high "super-Titan" suddenly appeared and destroyed the city gate with overwhelming force. Thus began the story of the end-time war between humans and giants.



The Titan Heart mechanical keyswitch adopts TTC Lego type structure design. And in appearance, it adopts a smoke black outer covering which represents darkness. Through the top of the keyswitch core, you can see that each keyswitch core is embedded with a heart, which represents a brave and tough heart in the dark.


Black and light, which are two opposite sides, are contradictory and conflicting. Darkness rushes in, making light lose its direction; At this point, light needs to find a different way to break through the darkness.



TTC RGB version of Titan Heart Keyswitch follows the feel and parameters of TTC Titan Heart Keyswitch. The upper cover is changed into a hollowed-out structure and loaded with TTC condenser . The light is gathered to the top of the upper cover through the condenser , and the light flux is increased by 56%. It is like building a bridge to the light in the darkness, not being bound by the darkness, and lighting a lamp to illuminate the red heart.



TTC RGB version of Titan Heart Keyswitch released this time, more like a lot of difficult choices, people's soul and will lit up. This light is the light in people's hearts, is the yearning for freedom. "As long as you are there, I can do anything" is the light in the heart of the hot-blooded and resolute Alan, even if the external destruction, the spirit will always stand in the world, endless.


There will be an end to the story, but life will go on and hopefully a new chapter will be opened. Follow the guidance of the light, follow the direction of the light, even if the world has harsh winds and high seas, war-ridden, the tenacity of life and people yearn for freedom will not be dim.



Through comparison of optical experimental data:


1.Light flux: the contrast between condenser lens and large-hollowed upper cover is increased by 56%


2.Optical power: the contrast between condenser lens and large hollowed upper cover is increased by 56%


3.Color difference: the contrast between condenser lens and large hollowed upper cover is reduced by -32%



The keyswitch equipped with TTC condenser has the following advantages:


1.brighter, more energy saving, reflected in the same power light flux and optical power higher;


2. more uniform, better color consistency, reflected in small color difference.



The feel parameters of Titan Heart Keyswitch are inspired by the character characteristics of the soldier commander


Soldier commander Levi, a natural warrior, is the strongest soldier of mankind, known as "the strongest of mankind". He has three-dimensional and deep facial features, and his appearance is cold but delicate inside. Possessing a number of excellent techniques, such as beheading the Titan after throwing a blade that damages its vision, and performing a spiral cut with a three-dimensional motorized device. With great speed, battles are often over in an instant. He has the handsomeness of a hero, and his popularity is overwhelming.



Titan Heart Keyswitch also embodies the warrior spirit of Soldier commander Levi. Compared with TTC Honey keyboard switch of the same structure, the pre travel of Titan Heart mechanical keyswitch is 1.2mm, and the trigger efficiency is increased by 40%; The minimum initial pressure is 37g, which can effectively prevent accidental contact; The total travel is 3.6mm and the Honey keyswitch is 3.8mm. Titan Heart mechanical keyswitch is faster and more agile, which can effectively improve the operation efficiency. The soldiers swooped up and down with their swords, defeating the enemy with one blow.



A good horse with a good saddle, the first release of Royal axe is L series. Equipped with RGB version of Titan Heart Keyswitch core, Gasket structure and high-quality PBT key cap, equipped with LED color screen, three connection modes, TTC hot-swap E-Sports socket, reliable and stable. Royal axe flagship new products L98, L75 will be on the shelves of Royal Axe JD flagship store on October 22.


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