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More stable smoother and more transparent - TTC has released high-speed Venus keyswitch and Neptune keyswitch

2023-01-06 17:22


On December 23, 2022, TTC 2023 New Product Launch Conference was held in Kempinski Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. The keyswitch of the high-speed rail long track structure, which takes more than a year, has been unveiled. The square shape of the pavilion, more stable,smooth and transparent characteristics, as well as the unique user experience of hot knife cutting butter,is unique and innovative.




Pavilion square shape     Chinese style design


It is a philosophical thought in ancient China that the heaven is round and the earth is square. It is an embodiment of the theory of Yin and Yang. The sky and the circle symbolize movement; Earth and square symbolize stillness; The combination of the two is the balance of Yin and Yang, dynamic and complementary. Square outside the circle, that is, between sky and earth. The design concept of "round sky and square earth " can be seen in ancient Chinese architecture and currency, such as Go, the Temple of Heaven and Earth, quadrangle courtyard, circular coin with a square hole, etc.


TTC high-speed rail structure keyswitch, the lid shape adopts a circular design, the surface plane of the cover selects the beautiful combination of smooth surface and frosted surface alternately, and then matches the button of the rectangular frame. The square and round shape of the pavilion is formed naturally in time.


Smoother - innovative design of integrated long track keyswitch cover   High-speed rail structure


The integrated long rail keyswitch cover is innovatively designed, and the rail is integrated from top to bottom. The sliding block of the keyswitch core runs through the upper cover of the keyswitch, and always slides in the long track of the keyswitch cover. The long track is seamlessly connected throughout the whole process, without any abrupt, micro paragraph or jamming feeling. It is matched with a high-precision mold for precise matching, and the pressing is always stable and smooth.


More stable - keyswitch core slider lengthening design


The sliding block on both sides of the keyswitch core is extended from 5.2mm to 6.0mm of the traditional mechanical keyswitch. The sliding block runs through the top of the keyswitch cover to improve the contact stability with the track. Long slider with long track, high precision, small swing, smooth and strong stability.


More transparent - innovative transparent dual channel structure


Mechanical keyswitch, in order to show individuation, the top cover of each keyswitch is generally designed with a variety of colors, so the light transmission of the keyswitch is directly blocked. TTC high-speed rail structure keyswitch has a unique way. When the top cover is not light transmittable, the transparent base is specially designed with transparent button to ensure light transmittance in the center of the keyswitch. Coupled with the unique condenser structure of TTC, the double channel light transmittance of the keyswitch is fully realized. And the luminous effect is full, uniform and dazzling.


Innovative - Silky to the touch like a hot knife slicing butter


Unique integrated extended track cover with extended design of the keyswitch core slider, concave and convex binary matching, simple and direct, smooth guide stable and reliable. Greatly reduce the traditional mechanical keyswitch which need keyswitch core, cover, base structure of the three close coordination in order to achieve excellent process difficulty.


The unique one-piece lengthening track, with the lengthening design of the keyswitch slide block, makes the overall fit stable and smooth. When the keyswitch is pressed, it feels silky and round. Once pressed to the end, it is like the smooth experience of hot knife cutting butter.


Custom DIY durable design silver plating process


Durable design for custom DIY players, terminal and leaf is silver plated with anti-oxidation and anti-blackening coating.


Factory comes with precision lubrication      Ready for use


To meet the players' experience needs, TTC keyswitch comes with precision lubrication, ready to use.


Warm tips: the high-speed rail structure has applied for a national patent, offenders will be prosecuted!


The TTC high-speed rail structure Venus keyswitch and Neptune keyswitch will be officially launched on Tmall and Taobao stores on Dec 23.


The first collaborative keyboard brands with TTC high-speed structure Venus keyswitch and Neptune keyswitch are: KZZI, MACHENIKE, FL·ESPORTS. The KZZI Z98 will be available in January, while the MACHENIKE GK80 and FL·ESPORTS GP75 will be available for pre-order on December 23.


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