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Demure as a maiden and moving as a running rabbit ---TTC released the Rabbit Keyswitch (Chinese zodiac commemorative version)

2023-01-06 15:47


When the golden tiger leaves in the Renyin winter,the year of the rabbit is coming. TTC 2023 new product launch party was held at the Kempinski Hotel Pudong in Shanghai on December 23rd.Gui mao Rabbit Keyswitch was officially released.


The year 2023 will be the year of the Rabbit. According to the traditional Chinese calendar, the "Rabbit" in the Chinese zodiac corresponds to the Mao in the 12 branches of the Earth, and the year of the Rabbit is the Mao year. In the order of heavenly stems and Earthly  Branches, 2023 is the year of Gui mao rabbit year.



【Rabbit. Small and nimble】


The rabbit is a kind of mammal with long tubular ears and a short tufted tail. The tail is short and plush like a ball, and the hind limbs are longer and stronger than the forelimbs; Rabbit eyes are born on both sides of the rabbit face, The eyes are large and round, bright and energetic.


Rabbit is well-known and deeply rooted in people's hearts for its cute appearance, petite body and gentle character. They are good at running and flexible, so people give it flexible and changeable meaning. In Chinese, "rabbit" is also an image symbol, "rabbit" often carries the meaning of swiftness. In“Shuo wen jie zi”, “Rabbit” with“Yi”, that is, galloping. Rabbits can run at a speed of 70-80 kilometers per hour, with fast moving speed and jumping ability.

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【Year · Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Keyswitch】


The Guimao Rabbit Keyswitch is an important new member of the TTC zodiac commemorative version keyswitch , and it is also a TTC innovation keyswitch. The Rabbit Keyswitch is a combination of TTC dust-proof wall structure button and Lego structure, which is a combination of structural and design innovation, that is, dust-proof  and stable as a rock, changeable and fun.


This release has two versions of TTC Zodiac commemorative Rabbit Keyswitch, namely Rabbit Keyswitch OG version and Rabbit Keyswitch RGB version. The Rabbit Keyswitch RGB version has been carried by the Royalaxe L series and FOPATO H98, and pre-order have been opened on JD.com on January 1.

The OG and RGB versions of Rabbit Keyswitch retail has been opened on Tmall and Taobao at 8pm on December 23.



TTC lego-style Rabbit Keyswitch, a collection of high-precision modeling technology, Chinese culture carving, anti-oxidation coating, zero-penetration anti-pull-off glue, and other four major process support, then carefully matching 2023 international popular color (Viva Magenta) elements and keyswitch central light transparent design, it is beautiful to see light and color contrast.


High precision molding technology support



The rabbit pattern on the top cover of the Rabbit Keyswitch is vivid. It adopts the mould making and injection molding technology of double material multi-color cross conversion. In the only 4.5x4.8mm interval, the following requirements need to be met at the same time: only 0.3 mm thin line is used for fine engraving, one-piece shaped rabbit pattern, both independent and cross, and to have different materials and colors to choose.To meet this requirement, the failure rate is extremely high and the development is extremely difficult.


Chinese style and culture support



On the other side of the Gui mao year Rabbit Keyswitch cover , the ancient Chinese character“Gui mao” is engraved. Vertical Upper and lower structure, such as seal, ancient culture elements support, full of charm.


Anti-oxidation coating process support



Rabbit Keyswitch design uses "wear gold and wear silver" process, and the conductive metal terminal of keyswitch adopts advanced anti-corrosion coating electroplating process, the terminal surface is plated with 99.99% metal silver, and the conductive contact double contact is plated with gold, which ensures the reliability and stability of the keyswitch conductive contact performance.


Zero-penetration  anti-pull-off  rubber-adding  process support



At the joint of conductive terminal pin and base, glue anti-penetration process is adopted to reject rosin, flux and related corrosive gases into the keyboard switch to ensure conductive contact. In addition, with the popularity of the keyboard hot-swap technology and the players' favor of the keyswitch individuation, the keyswitch terminal foot will often become loose and shift when the keyswitch is removed for lubrication and hot-swap, therefore, the addition of anti-pull-off anti-displacement process is  effective immediately, reliable and stable. Multiple processes are applied to ensure the reliability and stability of the keyswitch's conductive contact performance.



TTC Rabbit Keyswitch OG version is another TTC flagship top version of the keyswitch after the Tiger keyswitch OG version, each keyswitch has a unique identity, the upper cover engraved OG identity code, one code corresponds to one keyswitch, enjoy the lifetime limited warranty provided by TTC.


【Fast· Silent and fast】


“Demure as a maiden and moving as a running rabbit ” means that when the army is not moving, it should be as calm and steady as an unmarried girl, and when it is moving, it should be as quick and swift as a running rabbit. This is the design concept of the Rabbit Keyswitch, it is the embodiment of the concept of  rabbit's meekness, softness, quietness and rapidity. Combined with trigger mute, conduction quickly in one, to create a new”Silent and fast keyswitch”. The combination of movement and stillness, gentle and firm.



42gf operating force, 1.2 mm pre travel, 3.8 mm total travel, operating force is moderate and fast. The use of lubrication and wear-resistant high-transparent dust-proof wall button, for the user to bring a more stable and smooth pressure feel. Button square ring muffler, high-hardness muffler at the bottom, partition independent muffler. The double-safe structure of silencing can further reduce the noise produced when the keyswitch is pressed and knocked, and bring better mute performance. Silent linear fast keyswitch, the pursuit of silent at the same time, but also take into account the feel.


Happy. Light and color contrast


The 2023 series keyswitch of the Chinese zodiac , the Rabbit Keyswitch OG version and the RGB version, the Lego structure and the silent fast keyswitch was launched. Demure as a maiden and moving as a running rabbit.



Rabbit Keyswitch OG version, the top cover color matching using the world-renowned color authority - Pantone selected 2023 representative color - Viva Magenta , carefully carved rabbit design, “Gui mao” ancient characters and OG coding. Though the upper cover is small, it is rich in content. Button and base with the selection of high-transparent specifications of materials, so that the keyswitch bottom RGB light effect through the center of the keyswitch, emitting light upward.



The Rabbit Keyswitch RGB version adopts the Rabbit Keyswitch OG version parameter scheme, in appearance, the two keyswitch have the degree of identification. Rabbit Keyswitch RGB version adopts the white rabbit hair color button and guide column, pink transparent top cover, transparent split base. The color scheme of the keyswitch is exquisite and clever, playful and lovely.



On the basis of the Tiger Keyswitch RGB version, the Rabbit Keyswitch RGB version carries out technical and difficult challenges. The Tiger Keyswitch RGB version is an integral forming upper cover, the Rabbit Keyswitch RGB version is a split type upper cover. The upper cover is made of special-shaped fine pattern, double-material multi-color cross-conversion mold and injection molding technology, and is inlaid with white rabbit pattern. TTC dustproof wall structure button and Lego clever combination of structure, play a variety of fun unlimited.


Limited version decompression keyboard switch tester of Rabbit Year



TTC decompression keyboard switch tester are the limited version of the year of the rabbit. The over all appearance color matching design adopts Pantone 2023 representative color - extraordinary magenta; carved white rabbit pattern on the front, and TTC Rabbit Keyswitch pattern echoes, delicate and cute; The bottom engraving of the ancient font "Gui-mao" two words, smooth lines, full of charm; Five-pin hole PCB version, compatible with most of the keyswitch on the market; Collocation TTC esports hot plug-and-pull socket, free replacement, unlimited creativity.



TTC decompression tester with RGB magic color LED lights, the user in the press test keyswitch triggered the effect of the lamp. The color is changeable, the lamp effect is shining, can not put down.


Limited version rabbit keycap of Rabbit Year



TTC specially customized rabbit zodiac limited version rabbit key cap of the rabbit year , the design uses the same color as the Rabbit Keyswitch OG cover - Pantone 2023 pop color - extraordinary magenta. The rabbit pattern in the center of the key cap is 3D raised design, and the touch is clear. White rabbit pattern looks lively and lovely, which is pitiable.


【The packing of Rabbit Keyswitch】


TTC Rabbit Keyswitch packaging is newly upgraded, color matching and Rabbit Keyswitch OG version of the upper cover color echo, using a new design scheme, with extraordinary magenta color, bright color but not make public, senior introverted.


1. Rabbit Keyswitch surprise "4+1" set of Year of the Rabbit


The left side of the packaging cover is a lively rabbit pattern, and the right side is the OG and RGB version of the Rabbit Keyswitch. The packaging is push-type structure, from left to right or from right to left, open as you like.

Contains 4pcs Rabbit Keyswitch OG version ,1 pcs rabbit key cap .



2.Rabbit Keyswitch blessing set of Year of the Rabbit


Bless the package scheme has been upgraded, packaging design by drawer type scheme, the right side of the box by the ribbon traction, slowly opened, showing the keyswitch. Packaging design "Demure as a maiden and moving as a running rabbit" seal type text, lively and cute rabbit image, Rabbit Keyswitch pattern. Contains 10 Rabbit Keyswitch OG version, 1 pcs rabbit year rabbit zodiac limited version decompression test keyswitch  , 1 pcs Rabbit Keyswitch key cap .



3.Rabbit Keyswitch Premium set of Year of the Rabbit


Bless the package scheme has been upgraded, packaging design by drawer type scheme, the right side of the box by the ribbon traction, slowly opened, showing the keyswitch. Packaging design "Demure as a maiden and moving as a running rabbit" seal type text, lively and cute rabbit image, Rabbit Keyswitch pattern. Contains 36 pcs Rabbit Keyswitch OG version.



4.Rabbit Keyswitch privileged set of Year of the Rabbit


Heaven and earth cover large layout design, packaging printed with "Demure as a maiden and moving as a running rabbit" seal type text, lively and cute rabbit image, Rabbit Keyswitch pattern.

Contains 100 pcs Rabbit Keyswitch OG version, 1 pcs Rabbit Keyswitch key cap.


The greeting card for the year of the rabbit


When the golden tiger leaves in the Renyin winter, the year of the rabbit is coming.TTC general manager Mr. Yu Zhengming on behalf of TTC sincerely wish you in the new year: Make great progress by leaps and bounds, the rabbit year of good luck, all the best!


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