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Faithful gaming desktops must have a distinctive light: Ice Leopard Vulcan121 full-color mechanical keyboard [Reproduced]

2019-11-19 16:44

I remember that after the first mechanical keyboard appeared on the desktop, the membrane keyboard has never been touched again. Today, I have almost forgotten the feel of the keyboard except for the mechanical axis, except for the emergency use notebook that sometimes comes with a notebook. Keyboard, other time non-mechanical axis is not used, the key feel brought by mechanical keyboard can not be restored once used. With the development of the gaming industry for so many years, mechanical keyboard has become the standard configuration on most gaming players’ desktops. In order to meet the needs of players, manufacturers have put a lot of effort on the backlight of mechanical keyboards. We have seen too much of the general RGB axis. The Ice Leopard Vulcan series mechanical keyboard adopts an open keycap design, and the backlight brightness and overall effect are both There has been a significant improvement, let's share the experience of using the Ice Leopard Vulcan121 full-color mechanical keyboard.
Out of the box appearance
First of all, let’s start from the unpacking. The Ice Leopard Vulcan121 full-color mechanical keyboard adopts a full-color paper packaging box. The front is a rendering of the keyboard, and the shaft label is affixed to the upper right corner. Titan key switch, this keyboard used to get started uses the Titan red switch, the trigger key stroke is 1.4mm.

On the back of the package, you can see a disassembly diagram of the Titan Red Axis, as well as several highlights of the keyboard.
Ice Leopard Vulcan121 has an independent detachable palm rest. The palm rest and the keyboard are connected magnetically. The magnetic contact point of the keyboard is invisible outside, and the magnetic force is moderate. The palm rest can be automatically attached to the edge of the keyboard without snaps. The stylish design makes the installation and removal of the palm rest very simple.

In addition to the manual, warranty card, and bill of materials, the keyboard comes with three ROCCAT stickers, one large and two small. Players can place them where they need it, such as the chassis, desktop, etc., to increase the gaming atmosphere and sense of faith.
The first impression of taking out the keyboard is that the thickness of the keyboard base is well controlled. Under the premise of the steel plate, the keyboard base is very thin and the fully open shaft design, so the length of the keycap is smaller, compared to the ordinary mechanical keyboard. The keycap is almost half the length, but the overall height of the key shaft has not changed, so there is no significant change in the key feel, and there is no need to re-adapt. The shortened keycap is lighter in weight, which is beneficial for key triggering. The sensitivity.
Remove the keycap to see the shaft body. The upper half of the shaft body exposed to the steel plate is fully transparent. When the backlight is on, the light transmission effect is good. The light can be evenly emitted to the shaft body. The red shaft is in the middle. Friends who are accustomed to mechanical keyboards know that the steel plate of the mechanical keyboard can improve the rebound feel of the keys, while protecting the key shafts, avoiding damage caused by the keyboard falling. There are satellite shafts on both sides of the long keys to increase the balance of the keys. The keycaps are relatively short, so you can pull off the keycaps directly with your fingers without using a key puller.

The keyboard uses a cable with a snakeskin braided outer skin, and the USB plug has LOGO on both sides.
The bottom of the keyboard has a simple design, with parameters and certification nameplates in the middle. Two non-slip foot pads run through the entire keyboard. There is a one-stage height bracket. There is no water hole from the bottom. The front of the keyboard is sealed and dustproof, which accidentally spills liquid. , Will not easily enter the keyboard, the three magnetic metal parts at the front of the keyboard can be seen at the bottom.
Button layout
The Ice Leopard Vulcan121 full-color mechanical keyboard adopts a layout of 108 full-size + 4 multimedia keys. The keyboard's macro, multimedia, and preset switching functions are all realized through the Fn key + normal keys. The keyboard is clean from the overall appearance Neat, the brushed metal back plate sets off the metal and mechanical feel of the keyboard, and the black and gray color scheme enhances the sense of combat.
The multimedia control area is equipped with a paragraph-style volume knob. The volume can be adjusted by rotating, and the adjustment mode can be switched with the Fx button in the multimedia keypad. You can also control the keyboard backlight brightness. Each time you rotate a paragraph, the light adjusts a brightness until it is off. It is more convenient to control the backlight and volume during use, and the knob with paragraph feel feels good.
The volume button and the Fx light button on the multimedia keypad light up alternately. That button lights up to represent the functions currently controllable by the knob, and the key switch also has a clicky feel.
The keyboard preset lighting has 4 onboard memories, which can be switched by the key combination Fn+F1~F4.
More shortcut functions can be quickly called by Fn+F5~F6, Fn+F9~F12 are multimedia playback control functions.
The keyboard can be preset with 6 custom keys and macro settings. The M1~M6 keys are also integrated in the small key area. At the same time, the game mode button and the SCROLL button share a key position.
The keyboard status indicator is in the lower right corner, and four white LED lights show the current key status of the keyboard.
Lighting effect
The most eye-catching thing about the keyboard after it is lit is its open RGB shaft design. Looking at the illuminated keyboard from the side, you can clearly see the crystal clear effect of the shaft on the steel plate.
The Titan axis, which can set the lighting effect separately, is indeed the one that ranks first in the currently used mechanical keyboard. The lighting effect is better from a larger side angle.
To better experience the AIMO intelligent lighting system supporting Ice Leopard peripherals, you need to download the dedicated driver software: SWARM. The software can integrate the buttons and lighting schemes of the entire set of peripherals. The main color of the software's operating interface theme background is Black is also a design style full of combat.
In the lighting adjustment interface, we see a variety of preset lighting modes listed in the drop-down box for players to switch with one button. If you don't like these preset lighting effects, players can customize the lighting effects of each button.
Below we show the effects of several preset lighting through animated pictures, the first is the default full-color gradient lighting effect of the keyboard.
Wave light effect in the opposite direction.
Breathing light effect.
Ripple lighting effect.

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