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Wind-like feel (TTC shaft)-Logitech K845 mechanical keyboard evaluation [reproduced]

2019-11-19 16:49

The Logitech K845 mechanical keyboard should be regarded as the entry-level product of the current brand. After removing the black packaging cover, you can see the kraft box inside. The positioning of this product is lower, so the overall packaging is not very compelling. This is not the point. The point is that this keyboard uses two brands of mechanical shafts for the first time. Guanzi sells knives here.
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The Logitech K845 mechanical keyboard is an improved version of the K840. The ROMER-G shaft body that used Omron before was not accepted by most peripheral enthusiasts, so the K845 version uses the cherry MX shaft body and TTC shaft. body. The overall size of the keyboard is 435*127*27.8mm. It is a full-size 104-key mechanical keyboard with a weight of 780g. The keyboard adopts a floating key design, and the positioning plate is made of silver-grey anodized aluminum with full texture.
The main body of the keyboard does not support drive functions, so the keys have a richer combination of key design. More keyboard functions can be achieved by pressing Fn+ (F1-F12). Unfortunately, the keyboard currently only has a white light version, which supports five types Light mode: breathing, random flashing, snake-eating, reaction, static mode. The keycap of the keyboard is made of ABS material, and the light transmission effect is achieved through two-color injection molding. Because of the cost factor, the injection molding scheme uses an open character design, but the overall light transmission effect is very natural.

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The most daring design of the keyboard is to use Cherry’s TTC two brands of shafts on the same keyboard. Most players have faith in the cherry shafts. Since Logitech dares to use it on its own keyboards. "The TTC shaft body must be very confident in the products of this brand. In fact, the TTC shaft body is not a niche brand. We are familiar with the Razer green shaft, the Ice Leopard mechanical keyboard VULCAN 120 AIMO Titan shaft, and The two-stage mechanical shaft on the Mi Gaming Keyboard is manufactured by TTC factory. This time the TTC shaft body cannot be said to be a brand new shaft body, it can only be said to be a cherry-like shaft. Its design features are the same as those of the Cherry MX shaft, but there are still certain differences in craftsmanship and feel.
The keyboard has 5 types of shafts to choose from. The TTC shafts are: red shaft, green shaft, and tea shaft, and cherry shafts are: red shaft and green shaft. The most intuitive difference for products with different brands of shafts is the price. At the time of writing this review, the price of a keyboard with a TTC shaft is 339 yuan on JD.com, and a keyboard with a cherry shaft is 499 yuan on JD.com. Yuan, the difference is 160 Yuan, the keyboard of the TTC axis body is one-third cheaper than the cherry axis keyboard.
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