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[Reproduced in Southern Metropolis Daily] Huizhou Zhengpai Kedian became one of the first batch of "little giant" enterprises in China

2019-10-20 16:54

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Zhengpai Kedian
Business card
Huizhou Zhengpai Kedian Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and has a witness test WTDP international laboratory authorized by the United States UL and the European Union ENEC. The test report produced by the international laboratory is recognized globally.
TTC Zhengpai Kedian is a technologically innovative enterprise, specializing in the design and production of mechanical shafts, digital encoders, electronic switches and connectors and other products, which are widely used in computers, automobiles, intelligent equipment, measuring instruments, industrial control systems, mice, keyboards, Digital audio, household appliances, office equipment, etc.
In 2002, the mouse wheel encoder was innovatively developed, designed and produced, and it was the first professional company independently developed and designed in China. The company's mouse encoders and micro-switches have the largest market share in the world and have maintained the market share to this day. The company's partners include Honeywell, Dell, Kingston, Bosch, and Logitech.
Corporate story
Market share of mouse encoders and micro switches
No. 1 in the world for 12 consecutive years and remains today
You may use a computer keyboard and mouse every day, or the parts you use are made by a company in Huizhou. In 2002, Zhengpai Kedian innovatively developed and produced the mouse wheel encoder. It is the first professional company in China and the third independent research and development company in the world. The market share of mouse encoders and micro switches produced by the company has been the largest in the world for 12 consecutive years and has remained so far.
This year, Zhengpai Kedian was successfully selected into the list of the first batch of "little giants" (champions in the subdivision industry) recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Specialized and new "little giant" enterprises are selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the basis of the "specialized, special and new" SMEs and products recognized by the provincial SME authorities. They are focused on market segments , A pioneer enterprise with strong innovation ability, high market share, master key core technologies, and excellent quality and efficiency.
Yu Zhengming, chairman of Huizhou Zhengpai Technology Electric Co., Ltd., said that since the company was founded, they have considered how to survive, and to live better. Enterprise competition is actually product competition, and products with international competitiveness are first-class products. They have always adhered to the two concepts of innovation and creation and craftsmanship. In 2005, they successfully developed the world's thinnest and longest life tact switch for the Swiss Logitech mouse. The product was selected as the top ten innovative products in the world by TIME in 2006.
Spend 30 million to build an independent international laboratory
In 2007, in order to improve the international competitiveness of products and the efficiency of innovative research and development, Zhengpai Kedian spent 30 million yuan to build an independent international laboratory. This laboratory is the first WTDP international laboratory authorized and approved by the United States UL and the EU ENEC. The test reports produced by international laboratories are recognized globally. In 2008, UL, the world’s largest and most authoritative certification body, formally invited Yu Zhengming to participate in the International Summit Technology Conference held in Malaysia to participate in the discussion and revision of the UL61058 international standard, which was released globally in 2011.
"The establishment of an international laboratory has also improved our innovation and creation efficiency." Yu Zhengming said that it took one year for their products to pass European and American related certifications, but now it only takes 3 months after they have their own laboratory. In 2006, the mouse 4D wheel module structure designed and invented by the company applied for a national invention patent and a number of overseas international patents. This patented product is widely used by Dell, HP, Lenovo, Razer, and Sony, and is the only one in the world to have this An intellectual property design company, this patent won the 2010 Huizhou Science and Technology First Prize.
Yu Zhengming, who majored in machinery, also personally participated in product research and development. In 2014, they developed the first thin mechanical axis dedicated to gaming notebooks in the world. This patent has been awarded a national invention patent and a US invention patent. The patented product was first released. It is used in Lenovo Lenovo Savior Y910 laptop, and won two awards for the best gaming device and the best product at the 2016 CES International Exhibition in the United States. "The research and development process was still very difficult at the time, and one of the difficulties has troubled us for half a year." Yu Zhengming said that the gaming laptop keyboard has a requirement, that is, the sound of the keys should be consistent. To this end, he thought hard every day, and after countless experiments, he suddenly got an inspiration at 5 o'clock in the morning and used a torsion spring sound device, finally solving this problem.
Now, Zhengpai Kedian products have successively passed the certifications of internationally renowned safety certification organizations such as the United States "UL", Canada "CUL", Germany "VDE", EU "ENEC", South Korea "EK" and China "CQC".
The company currently has more than 200 Chinese patents, including 39 invention patents, and 16 international patents in the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan, and South Korea. The company's annual output has reached more than 1 billion, and the products are sold all over the world, with a total turnover of 380 million yuan in 2019.
Dialogue Enterprise
Nandu: Talk about your feelings about living in Huicheng District.
Yu Zhengming: Huizhou gives me the feeling that the natural environment is good, there are mountains, rivers, lakes, seas and springs. The other is that the culture of tolerance and humanistic care complement each other. Although the development of enterprises may not be smooth sailing, the government and relevant departments are Companies are caring and a lot of work is being implemented closely. Huizhou is a good city for living and working.
Nandu: The Huicheng District government has been working hard to optimize the business environment, especially this year when it launched a network cleaning and efficiency enhancement action. What do you think of the current status of the business environment in Huicheng? What needs to be improved?
Yu Zhengming: The overall business environment in Huicheng District is still good. Especially in the past year, the government has paid more and more attention to the development of enterprises and launched a series of policies and measures closely related to the development of enterprises, which greatly improved the efficiency of enterprises. As in the past, handling many business needs to go back and forth between several departments. Now the approval steps have been optimized and the functions of various departments have been integrated. Basically, it can be completed in 3-5 days, and some can even be completed on the same day.
Especially in November last year, I participated in the Huizhou Private Enterprise Symposium. When communicating with various entrepreneurs at the meeting, Secretary Yiwei pointed out that Huizhou is formulating a "through train" measure to serve enterprises. In the future, enterprises will need the government The problems to be solved can first be solved through the "through train" of the county (district). If the county (district) cannot be solved, the municipal level will go all out to solve it.
After the forum, I have been watching when the through train will open. Unexpectedly, less than two months later, the "Quick-Do" platform for difficult business affairs in Huizhou was launched, and the first "through train" activity to solve business difficulties began. The efficiency of the work exceeded my previous imagination. I think that to build this platform in such a short period of time, the municipal government and the relevant personnel of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology must work overtime day and night. Our company immediately arranged an appointment, and the online appointment platform was really efficient and fast, and it soon showed that the appointment was successful.
On January 25, I went to the "through train" site. Mayor Liu Ji personally received us, listened carefully to our company’s efforts and difficulties in the past 13 years, and asked carefully and professionally about the project. The many details of this make us deeply feel the mayor’s rigorous and pragmatic working style. When Mayor Liu stated on the spot that he wanted to directly follow our "problem" and promised to solve this "difficulty" within 6 months, I felt relieved, as the "Huizhou Daily" reported on January 28. Similarly, there is a "prescription" to solve the problem of land use that has been in my heart.
Just after participating in the "through train" event, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources, and the Huicheng District Government immediately took action to follow up the problem. In particular, Wu Xin, the director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, personally went to our company to understand the situation and arranged a special person to be responsible, which made us feel warm and inspired. If the problem of land use by enterprises can be solved as soon as possible and the demand for industrial land for enterprises can be met, the rapid development of enterprises will be promoted.
Nandu: Enterprises are the mainstay of promoting high-quality economic development. The process of achieving high-quality development is also a process of continuous enhancement of corporate innovation, development, vitality and creativity. Could you please talk about how to take the path of comprehensive innovation and build a first-class enterprise with high-quality development under the new economic situation?
Yu Zhengming: Under the new situation, the management of enterprises must adhere to innovation and creation. Enterprise innovation is risky, but it must be dangerous if it does not. TTC Zhengpai Kedian, as a technologically innovative enterprise, has been continuously expanding its industrial scale. Improve industrial quality and enhance brand international competitiveness. The other is to ensure the high quality of products, and create first-class products and first-class enterprises with international competitiveness with the craftsmanship spirit of "striving for perfection", and contribute to the creation of a first-class city in Huizhou.
Nandu: What do you think are the "spider webs" that hinder high-quality development in Huicheng District, and what other issues are worthy of attention and improvement?
Yu Zhengming: Huizhou has done a good job in the area of ​​humanistic care. If you want to give some advice, I think you can live and work in peace. As a second-tier city, the permanent population of Huizhou is still slightly insufficient. If you can allow employees working in Huicheng to live in peace , In terms of medical resources and educational resources, especially the resource allocation of primary and secondary school students, it can be further improved, and more talents will be attracted to settle in Huizhou and live and work in Huizhou.
Written by: Southern Metropolis reporter Yang Zhenhua
Editor: Yi Fuhong

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