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[Mechanical keyboard] Simple and versatile, gentle and elegant: Yuemi 87-key 2nd generation mechanical keyboard out of the box (reproduced)

2020-01-05 09:26

Xiaomi products have always been known for their high cost performance. The second-generation 87-key mechanical keyboard launched by its ecological chain company Yuemi Technology once again confirms this point. It uses an all-metal bottom shell, a genuine Kedian TTC mechanical axis, white backlight, and TypeC key cable. Separate design, the price is 299 yuan.

 1. Packaging and appearance

The outer packaging is pure white design, the middle keyboard outline, the upper left corner is marked as Xiaomi Youpin. The size and weight of the product are introduced on the back, but the keyswitch is not marked. The color in the upper left corner make me think of brown keyswitch



Accessories include keyboard body, dust cover, data cable, manual.



It adopts 87-key narrow border layout, TypeC key-line separation design, and soft rubber wire material, which greatly increases portability and plug-in resistance. Friends who often go out to work and those who have requirements for the cleanliness of the desktop love it.



The bottom is made of a whole piece of aluminum alloy, extending to the four walls of the keyboard, and the upper panel is frosted white plastic.



No rough suspension shaft, more gentle and lovely. FN+F1-F12 are shortcut keys for multimedia and functions.



The keys are ergonomically R1-R4 gradient, and the keyboard itself is thicker and thinner, making it easier to use and less fatigued.



The keycaps are made of ABS two-color injection molding, and the surface is anti-pbt matte material, which is not easy to be oiled and leave marks, and the fonts are not easy to wear. The fully closed characters greatly enhance the aesthetics.



The large-key satellite shaft is not greased, so there is a little noise.



 Four foot stickers, one-step foot support



There is only one kind of white light, FN+ up and down direction keys are adjustable in five levels of brightness, and the key caps are generally light-transmissive. Because of the white base plate, the brightness is still very satisfactory.



2. TTC keyswitch

Huizhou Trantek Electronics Co., Ltd. (TTC) was established in 1998. The design, development and production of encoders, switches, sensors, etc. are widely used in automotive electronics, mouse keyboards, medical equipment, mobile phones, computers, measuring instruments, household appliances, and digital products. , Industrial equipment, new energy vehicles and charging equipment. In addition to foundry, there are as many as 9 types of keyswitches. After years of testing in the market, they are also favored by many established peripheral manufacturers, such as Logitech and Ice Leopard, with their high reliability, strong oxidation resistance and stable quality. Many of Xiaomi's products are equipped with TTC axles. Here are some new products for everyone:



TTC gold keyswitch Ⅱ generation:

gold keyswitch II is the latest keyswitch developed by TTC, with a 24K gold structure and gold contacts. The main feature is ultra-smooth, ultra-durable, and ultra-quiet. We look forward to supporting new products as soon as possible.



TTC short keyswitch:

The 2019 new product has the same measurement parameters as the cherry. The key travel is also reduced from 4mm to 3.2mm. The button rebounds faster. The measured shake is almost zero. I heard that the new matching product will be launched soon.



Titan Keyswitch:

Specially custom-made for the Ice Leopard Vulcan mechanical keyboard, excellent and stable hand feel, light transmittance, and a group of friends. With the signal anti-shake optimization of the Ice Leopard, it brings an unparalleled shock to Vulcan, and is well received by everyone. The Titan 4D roller module also uses the TTC solution.


In addition, there is a TTC mute keyswitch, which provides mute without affecting the original feel. The smoothness is slightly inferior to the TTC gold keyswitch and short keyswitch. Finally, there is a TTC hybrid keyswitch. The dust-proof design provides a mechanical feel for the membrane keyboard. Allow replacement of MX keycaps.


Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard v2 uses TTC's new red keyswitch, which has excellent smoothness. Although it is all 45g pressing trigger force, TTC feels lighter.


3.Hand- feel

The keyboard keys have better consistency and tuning, except that the space bar has a slightly larger resistance, which should be the pot for satellite axis tuning. The feel is not much different from the cherry red keyswitch. The TTC is lighter and the bottoming sound is larger than the cherry. Of course, it may also be the reason why the material and thickness of the positioning plate are different. The TTC red keyswitch + ABS two-color injection molded keycaps match the Yuemi v2 mechanical keyboard just right. The keys are smooth and the keycap sliding input resistance is also small. Office typing is smooth and smooth, and long-term typing is not tiring.



4. Conclusion

1. 87 keys with column key line separation design is compact and light, and the TypeC interface has an advanced layout.

2. The rounded metal bottom shell, coupled with the white appearance and white backlight, is simple and versatile, clean and natural.

3. Using TTC mechanical red keyswitch, universal MX keycap, excellent smoothness.


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