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Professor Tao Gonghao, an expert of National Quality and Technology Award, was invited to teach at TTC

2022-08-05 15:34

On the morning of July 26, 2022, in order to further improve the company's product quality management level, TTC invited Professor Tao Gonghao, a reviewer of the National Quality Technology Award and an expert of the Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award, to visit TTC. He conducted a training based on the excellent performance model and quality management for more than 150 people in the company's department heads, quality control personnel, R&D personnel, engineering and technical personnel, etc.on education and training center.



At the training meeting, Professor Tao systematically and comprehensively introduced the total concept of  quality management and the quality management model. Especially for the quality management of individuals, management of teams, quality management of positions, quality management of process control, and quality management of final results (finished products), in-depth explanations and discussions are carried out, and the on-site learning atmosphere is strong. Everyone actively spoke and exchanged, talking about understanding, confusion, and harvest, and everyone benefited a lot.



Finally, the company's deputy general manager He Jingbo made a summary of the quality management training meeting. While thanking Professor Tao for his wonderful lectures, he also said that TTC will arrange more education and training for everyone to continue to learn and improve.



Established in 1998, TTC is  rated as National-level ‘little giant’, specialized and sophisticated enterprises that produce new and unique products (switch category). In 2022, with the approval of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, TTC established the "Guangdong Provincial Doctoral Workstation".  It is a professional company specializing in the design and production of encoders, keyboard switches, switches and connectors. The products are widely used in aerospace, rail transit, new energy vehicles, medical equipment, artificial intelligence, keyboards, mice, etc.



Long-term strategic partners include CATL, Honeywell, GE, HP, Dell, Kingston, BOSCH and Logitech, etc.



In 2020, Honeywell awarded TTC "Special Contribution Award of the Year"

(Honeywell is an international leader in aerospace diversified technology)



In 2018, Taiwan's Primax Technology awarded TTC the "2018 Supplier Excellence Award"

Primax produces OEM ODMs for well-known brands such as Razer, Kingston, ROCCAT, Lenovo, HUAWEI, HP, Dell, etc.



In 2019, Taiwan Ione Electronics awarded TTC "Blue-chip Manufacturer" Contribution Award

(Ione is OEM ODM production for well-known brands such as Razer,CoolerMaster,Qpad, TESORO,etc.)



For two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020,  Heatmoving awarded TTC the "Annual Quality Award" and "Annual Contribution Award"

(Heatmoving manufactures OEM ODMs for well-known brands such as Kingston, Hyper X, HP, EVGA, SteelSeries, ASUS, etc.)

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