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"Very Run", "Got more money" TTC Gold Pink Shaft won another commendation [Reproduced]

2020-04-09 15:42

On the special day of Girls’ Day on March 7, 2020, TTC's genuine Kedian officially released the 37-gram power gold powder shaft. Compared with the traditional red shaft of 45 grams force, the TTC gold powder shaft is smoother and lighter when hitting, which can bring users a lighter touch and a supple experience. Next, let the author bring the evaluation of this shaft body.

From the outside packaging of the shaft, you can see that TTC is very careful about this shaft. The gift-box packaging box looks very exquisite. It would be nice if the color can be more pink. A transparent sticker with shaft information is affixed on the front of the package, including shaft pressure, life, trigger stroke, total stroke, etc., allowing users to have a very intuitive understanding of shaft parameters.

Open the box, you can see that there are a lot of colorful foam balls filled inside, which can play a very good embellishment effect and make the opening of the box more ritual. However, the number of colored foam balls is slightly less, which cannot cushion and protect the shaft. The shaft is placed in a transparent ziplock bag, which is convenient for users to take.

The shaft body adopts two colors of gold and powder, the shaft part is pink, transparent shaft cover and golden shaft seat. The overall design is not much different from the common shaft body except for the difference in color matching. However, the visual impression brought by the color scheme is still very good.

The fixing method of the upper and lower shaft cover is not much different from the conventional shaft body. It is also fixed by the four claw-shaped mechanisms on the shaft cover and the shaft seat. The shaft body does not have a built-in light source, and can only be fixed by the keyboard LED lamp beads or patch RGB The light source provides lighting effects. The internal structure is not much different from the common shaft.  

The spring of TTC 37g gold powder shaft adopts gold-plated spring, the length is about 20mm, which is longer than CHERRY MX red shaft spring. The spring material adopts German elastic alloy material technology and the latest spring technology of Japan NIPPON SEISEN Co., Ltd. The elastic force is stable and consistent, and the elastic force can be controlled within plus or minus 5 grams, and the spring material has excellent elastic memory, which is more stable and durable. good. 


The upper cover of the shaft body is injection molded with transparent crystal plastic imported from DuPont, which looks crystal clear and effectively improves the light transmission effect. In the conventional lamp position, it adopts the principle of convex lens, which can better diverge the keyboard light and cooperate with RGB light. , Can make the lighting effect more eye-catching. 

The shaft seat and the shaft part adopt the TTC double-side wall dustproof structure patent, which can bring better dustproof effect. After the key cap is installed, the key cap is closer to the upper cover of the shaft body, which can better prevent dust and debris from falling into the gap, causing the shaft body to jam and malfunction. The contact part of the shaft and the shaft seat is also lubricated, which can make the shaft body more smooth to use. In addition to the dustproof function, this design also minimizes the shaking of the shaft, which further ensures the feel of use. 

The internal shrapnel part adopts double gold contact structure, and all adopts gold plating treatment, the theoretical service life is up to 100 million times, which is twice the service life of ordinary mechanical shafts.


And the shaft cover and shaft can also be combined with other CHERRY MX shaft seats, which is very playable.

The overall design of the TTC 37g gold powder shaft is not large with other shafts, and it has good compatibility with the keyboard PCB board and positioning board. For example, the author's hot-swappable keyboard has a very stable insertion and fixation of the shaft body, and there is basically no shaking, which further improves the feel of use. The transparent shaft cover can also bring a more even diffusion effect to the keyboard lighting, and further enhance the visual effect of the keyboard lighting effect.


The trigger pressure of TTC 37g gold powder shaft is only 37g, which is very light to press. It is very friendly to users who need to use the keyboard for a long time or female users. The lighter trigger pressure and moderate stroke can relieve hand pressure well. , And will not cause false touches due to lighter trigger pressure, and the experience is very good. The shaft has been lubricated before leaving the factory. With the design of the linear shaft, it is very smooth to press, and it has a pleasant feeling of hot knife cutting butter. The fixed shaft body and the dust-proof design of the shaft center make the bottoming of this shaft body very small, which can also further enhance the user's feel. Here is also borrowed from the movie "Xiu Chun Dao"句:   

The overall materials and workmanship of the TTC 37g gold powder shaft are very good. The excellent dust-proof design and the latest spring technology, combined with the double gold contact design, also greatly improve the reliability and life of the shaft. The shaft is stable and does not shake, and the pressing is smooth and unimpeded, which further improves the knocking feel and brings a better user experience. The transparent shaft cover can also provide good lighting rendering effects for keyboards that currently support lighting effects, making the keyboard lighting effects even better. At present, this shaft body has begun to retail, users who like it may wish to buy it at the official TTC store.

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