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[Reproduced] Thank you Stanleyjie for your attention and experience sharing on TTC speed silver keyboard switch

2021-07-08 13:50

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Thank you Stanleyjie for your attention and experience sharing on TTC speed silver keyboard switch

The following article comes from Stanleyjie's peripheral sharing, the author Stanleyjie's peripheral sharing




Since I discovered that TTC started to release new keyswitch with a high profile last year, I like to try the keyboard feel as if I have discovered a new world. I will try every new shaft they produce, starting with the first TTC gold pink keyboard switch, silent tea, and golden tea. , To the second  bluish white keyboard switch, the third Brothers keyboard switch , transparent silent keyswitch, so this time the speed silver keyboard switch, of course, can not fall.




▲The body does not look good at first glance. No matter the shape or the color, after all, the shaft body is like this. Now the mainstream is the structure of the cherry mx keyswitch, and the speed silver is no exception. It uses the current popular transparent cover, milky white The core, the blue base. What is worth paying attention to is the convex mirror mode adopted at the lamp position of the upper cover, and the shaft core adopts the-【】shaped dust-proof wall. The unexpected core is actually not silver, which has nothing to do with the name of the speed silver



▲I turned over and looked at the base and suddenly found that it was a bit interesting. Glue was added to the two pins. This should be the first adoption of TTC which can make the airtight better.




▲ The old rules, just dismantle and watch the excitement.



▲ Transparent upper cover



▲ The  core is covered with more solid grease.



▲The gold-plated double spring was seen again after the  bluish white keyboard switch, indicating that TTC still recognizes this method.



▲The base and the gold contact copper piece, due to the sealing glue, this time the shrapnel and the terminal cannot be removed.


TTC speed silver keyboard switch, when I heard the name, we thought it was a standard cherry silver keyswitch. I happened to have a k100 cherry silver keyswitch on hand for comparison.



▲Let’s take a look at the appearance first. The cherry silver keyswitch was renamed to be worthy of the fact. The core is silver, while theTTC speed silver we just said, the core is milky white.

Official propaganda fast silver axis has such a few points



▲1. Quick trigger Quick, is the biggest highlight of the TTC speed silver, it is written in the name of the keyswitch and reflected in the stroke. The total stroke of the TTC speed silver is 3.4mm the same as the silver keyswitch, but the conduction stroke of the TTC speed silver is 1.08mm, and the silver keyswitch is 1.2mm. But to be honest, in the actual hand feel test, I can't realize it. After all, the stroke is only 0.12mm, which is too subtle. This kind of test should be done with special machines and software.

▲2. Stable as a rock means that the core does not shake. TTC has always done a good job. The core is stable and smooth. This time, I took two keyboards to compare and test. In order to eliminate the influence of the difference between the keycaps and the column, I exchanged the keycaps of the two keyboards and tested them together. The test method is that a single keycap is vertical. It shakes back and forth and left and right after pressing.



▲It is obvious that on the K100, the keycaps of the two buttons have a shaking of more than 15°, which is more obvious with the yellow keycap.



▲TTC speed silver keyboard switch is stable.



▲3. Preventing false triggering. I compared the two keyboards for a few days. The overall feeling is that the cherry silver is lighter, but listen carefully, the  body has a little rustling, and the TTC speed sliver is smoother, with almost no noise. In terms of triggering, it may be a problem of my personal usage habits. I rarely trigger the cherry silver by mistake, so this time this TTC speed sliver does not show an advantage. But fortunately (it should be said unfortunately) I have a black switch keyboard, or cherry black switch, because it is very easy to trigger by mistake, I have been shelved. The black shaft is my favorite shaft body. I have touched many black shafts when I got into the pit. No matter it is a cherry black keyswitch or a domestic black keyswitch, it is not like that keyboard. This time I took out the keyboard and compared it with other cherry black-switch keyboards for a long time, and studied what the false trigger was related to. The false trigger first is that the initial pressing force is too low, and the finger is gently put down to trigger the axis to move downwards, so that the inertial trigger is turned on, causing the trigger to be too sensitive; then the rebounding force of the axis is weak and the keystroke is returned. Did not give a good force feedback to the finger. To use an inappropriate analogy, point your fingers on the table and count on the edge of the water. It must be a clearer way to count on the table.

The mis-triggered cherry black keyboard, I think the whole batch was changed by the manufacturer, it is too unlike the black switch, the trigger is sensitive, the rebound force is weak, my misoperation is basically the finger pressing a button In the process of retracting, it was triggered again. The normal cherry black axis is not like this, so when mechanical keyboards were just popular at that time, many typing gods said that if you control the intensity to reach the level of superficiality, the black keyswitch can be typed faster, and it is actually true.

After reading the parameters and disassembling, thespeed silver keyboard switcht started from the two points I just summarized. Its initial pressing force is 39gf, which is 9gf more than the 30gf of the cherry silver shaft. In addition, it uses the double spring, strong rebound brings better force feedback.



▲4. Precise elasticity, super long life. From the point of view of parameters, the fast silver shaft does have advantages. It has:

Smaller errors, for example, the error of the conduction pressure is plus or minus 4g, in the past the shaft body is generally plus or minus 15g, but this is not realized in the evaluation;

Longer service life (100 million times), while other keyswitches are generally tens of millions. However, even tens of millions is enough. With my years of experience in contact with keyboards, the quality of a batch of keyswitches is not reflected in the service life. Many keyboards are scrapped, and the keyswitches are still good. This time, the sealing glue of TTC on the pins is believed to make the shaft tighter and the quality more reliable.

Worth buying

In terms of function category, the speed silver keyboard switch is an original keyswitch. Unlike traditional keyswitch such as the black keyswitch and the green keyswitch, there is no keyswitch that is the same as it on the market. Don’t look at the silver word in its name. I think it is still quite different from the silver keyswitch, so it is very suitable for players like me to buy it for early adopters.

From a practical point of view, the speed silver keyboard switches is a switch body that is very comfortable to operate. Its linear structure, straight up and down feel, relatively high initial pressing force but gentle triggering overall, and strong resilience brought by double springs after bottoming , Formed the unique charm of speed silver keyboard switches, suitable for players who like linear keyswitch.


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