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TTC keyswitch with convex lens cover -let you avoid the pain of removing the lamp

2020-05-28 11:04

Hello everyone, share today, TTC transparent convex lens cover compatible LED lights and installation instructions.



Advantages of the top cover of the TTC convex lens:

one, compatible with a wider range of LED lights: patch lamp, 3mm two-legged round and square lights, 3mm four-legged RGB lamp.

two, when replacing the shaft body, do not need to consider the removal of the lamp;

three, convex lens structure, better light transmission effect.

Here's an example of a gold pink keyswitch to share:

First, this design can be compatible with patch lamps (SMT), patch lamps can be PCB board or off-board installation.



Secondly, can also be compatible with 3mm thickness of 4 foot lamp and 2 foot lamp, note: market sales of 4 foot lamp beads have 3mm and 4mm, buy when pay attention to.



Select a 3mm two-legged or square lamp to secure the lamp beads first, then install the shaft.



then install the shaft.



Then install the shaft.

Note: Whether it's a patch lamp or a pin light, install the lamp first and then the shaft.



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