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The Titan keyswitch jointly developed by ROCCAT and TTC made a stunning appearance

2018-12-20 08:49

In 2015, ROCCAT and TTC formally established a strategic partnership. TTC provides high-quality keyboard switches, mouse wheel encoders, micro switches and other products.

The development of Titan Switch started in 2016, aiming to inject new vitality into the field of mechanical keyswitch. After 2 years of research and development and design verification, the brand-new keyswitch has been created, allowing players to experience an excellent shaft using experience.


ROCCAT  is the world’s leading brand of high-end professional gaming peripherals. The founder, René Korte, was also a European team MTW professional player. He was dissatisfied with the ordinary gaming products on the market. Founded in 2007, Ice Leopard ROCCAT is known for its breakthrough innovation and advanced design, and continues to provide players with high-quality and high-performance product experiences.

The various development steps of ROCCAT's products are mutually demonstrated by a professional team composed of players and industry professionals. With advanced technology and experience, top-notch products have been achieved. They have been widely recognized by professional players and the media, and their products are highly praised.

Since its establishment, ROCCAT has always adhered to its original aspirations, upholding the brand concept of "Made to WIN", carefully tempering boutique peripherals to meet consumers' pursuit of gaming equipment, and becoming a veritable leader in professional gaming equipment.


Trantek (TTC) was established in 1998, specializing in the design and production of mechanical keyswitch, digital encoders, electronic switches and connectors. Provide customers with high-quality switch products based on the manufacturing concept of "Tough tempering and striving for perfection".

It  has more than 20 years of product development experience, and the products developed lead the industry trend. The company's multiple product specifications have become industry design and application standards.

In order to improve the international competitiveness of its products, the company has spent huge sums of money to build an independent international laboratory. This laboratory is the first WTDP international laboratory authorized and accredited by UL and ENEC of the United States at the same time. The test report produced by the international laboratory is global Recognized.

After 2 years of R&D and design verification, in 2012, TTC successfully developed the keyboard switch-TTC mechanical keyswitch for the mechanical keyboard of gaming equipment. Trantek is the first company in China to design and use robots for mechanical keyswitch. With advanced technology and design concepts, TTC products have reached the industry's international leading level in terms of reliability and consistency.

Titan Switch



Living up to the name of Titan, Titan Switch has an ultra-high life span of 70 million hits, long-lasting, tough, and has a quick and precise operational response.

In order to ensure an excellent hitting experience, Ice Leopard and TTC have done a lot of work on the adjustment of materials, craftsmanship and feel. Titan Switch is a competitive shaft that takes into account the domineering appearance and excellent feel. It is compatible with most keys. cap.



Titan Switch Strong elemental breath of ROCCAT

Titan Switch is a brand new keyswitch with a very cool appearance. It has a 5° tilted light-transmitting mirror cover. It is made of ultra-clear and transparent materials and is designed with glass texture. Through the upper cover, the internal structure of the mechanical keyswitch can be clearly seen. The combination of Switch and Ice Leopard AIMO RGB light effect system will be perfect.



Titan Switch Fast and precise triggering without sacrificing tactile

The design of the keyswitch to trigger faster is by no means a simple addition and subtraction!

The original intention of Titan Keyswitch development is to not only meet the comfortable experience of players, but also meet the needs of faster triggering of competitive use. In general, after referring to a large number of user feedback, we found that a 10% increase in speed compared to other conventional keyswitch will be the perfect balance between the two.

For the above reasons, although the firmware we used can improve the recognition speed by 20%, we still only increased the response time from 5ms to 4ms (cherry standard).



In the end, we found a balance between the total stroke and the trigger point-10%-1.8mm trigger point. Compared with the Cherry axis triggering (2.0mm), it is 10% faster, compared to the Razer axis triggering (1.9mm) by 5%, and the total stroke is shortened by 10%------3.6mm.



The first one is the Tactile tea keyswitch. The buttons produce tactility in advance, the scale feels clearer, and the axis rebounds quickly and smoothly. All this will enable the Titan Switch to have an efficient triggering and unique feel feedback experience.



Titan Switch is a highly innovative and passionate masterpiece

Adopting the TTC patented dust-proof structure, following the German design and rigorous engineering concepts, the Titan Switch parts clearance fit design is very strict, which can ensure that the core moves up and down smoothly and smoothly without jamming. It not only effectively enhances the service life, but also protects the shaft from dust.

Titan Switch  Dismantling



▲The upper cover is transparent and smooth, with a glass texture design.



▲The base is designed with raised grooves on the edge of the base, and it adopts a dual-limit dust-proof and waterproof design. The keyswitch adopts a TTC dust-proof patented design. All parts are tightly fitted and the shakes less , making it more stable and durable.



▲The keyswitch is larger than the ordinary one, compatible with standard PCB boards, and compatible with most keycaps.


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