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Do you know about these changes in TTC?

2017-08-13 09:46

Huizhou has a "TTC", TTC has a "silver Linings", we work and live in "silver linings". But dear colleagues, have you noticed the change in our TTC and happiness? Now, follow the small series to see what is closely related to our "light change"!

Change 1: With this, no longer afraid of "wet"

As we all know, the working area and living area of zhengding Innovation And Technology Park are separate, and we need to walk some way to and from each other. As soon as it's time to get off work, everyone is queuing up to punch out. The sunny day is fine, but once it rains and you don't have an umbrella...



In view of the potential for people to get wet, the TTC built a "glass corridor" connecting the working and living areas at the end of last year.



Such a "glass corridor", in addition to let us in the rainy day can be very calm and elegant swipe card to work, but also block the hot sun point-blank, prevent "wet body" at the same time, also can prevent ultraviolet, kill two birds with one stone



Change 2: | in TTC, feel I grow fat

TTC has always focused on the lives of its employees, especially their stomachs. The CANTEEN of TTC keeps bringing forth new ideas, improving the combination and quality of food according to people's needs and feedback, and adding dishes in different ways every week. The canteen has become the "late-night canteen" that people expect.

The dining hall of the master aunt handmade genuine steamed stuffed bun is my favorite.


It's not only big and thin, but also delicious. It's a lot better than one sold outside.


I has a pig eight quit eating steamed stuffed bun that is visual sense.


Looking at the increasing weight,I think, delicious is also a burden.


Change 3: here, mothers can be "free"

Breastfeeding mothers have such a happy worry: after the birth of a baby to work, after work want to have a comfortable and quiet place to rest or milking, the company has such a place?

At the TTC, yes! In order to provide an exclusive "private space" for women who are breastfeeding, TTC created the "Caring Mom cabin". In this small room, refrigerator, xi Mengsi bed, air conditioning, sofa, nursing equipment and other items, mothers can enjoy such a "privilege" here. There is only good mother, mother here can have a better experience.


Mom doesn't have to worry about my "food" anymore. Oh, yes!


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