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Finally figured out the mouse wheel coder today

2017-07-23 13:38

Many players have encountered a mouse wheel failure, but what is the existence of the mouse wheel?



Ordinary mouse price dozens of dollars a, a lot of players with a bad throw is not heartache, but with the wave of e-sports coming, players on the keyboard and mouse requirements are also rising, some high-end game mouse prices of hundreds or even thousands of yuan. But the mouse is consumable after all, the problem is sooner or later, how to avoid and maintenance? Let's talk about the common problems and solutions of the roller encoder.

Common problems of roller failure: pulley failure, irregular jump up and down; The page can slide up or down to the bottom; When playing a game, the vision of the sliding pulley zooms in and out of focus; Sliding wheel signal loss, sliding up and down reaction sometimes no or no response.

All these are likely to be a failure of the roller encoder.

Before explaining the solution, what is a roller encoder?



There are two kinds of roller encoders. One is the traditional raster type structure roller, which was widely used in the early stage of mouse roller, but only a few manufacturers use raster type roller because it has certain requirements for mouse master programming. The other is the most widely used mechanical encoder in the mouse. Compared with the grating structure wheel, the mechanical encoder has the advantages of good mechanical scale feel, simple structure, easy master programming, and so on. At present, most of the mouse uses mechanical encoder structure to make mouse wheel.

Trigger principle

The grating encoder uses infrared to transmit and receive signals, and the roller has no substantial contact when working, so it has good stability and long life. But the service life is not permanent, and the lamp source will decay in the process of use. Mechanical encoder has a roller to drive the turntable, and the contact of the turntable and the base are fixed to generate on-off signal, so it has the characteristics of good scale feel and accurate positioning. Mechanical encoders have developed from the initial life of 100,000 cycles to the current 2 million cycle life (TTC released the 2 million cycle life encoder at THE 2017 CES), which is as good as the life of raster encoders.


Mechanical encoder disassembly parts drawing



The failure of mouse wheel in the process of use is usually caused by the product error in the process of use or the poor contact caused by the poor material of the encoder contact. With bad mouse not willing to throw away, how to do? Players with strong hands-on ability can change the coder by themselves (need to use welding tools, not difficult), let the beloved mouse back to life. Encoders are inexpensive, a few bucks, and you can easily buy them online. However, the replacement of encoder needs to pay attention to several problems: 1, the installation height of the encoder; 2. Type of encoder; 3, some high-end mouse is a custom encoder.

Measuring method for mounting height of encoder


You can measure it directly from the open mouse panel


Mechanical schematic diagram of encoder manufacturer



Encoder type


TTC 103 mouse encoder(ordinary encoders)


TTC 123 series encoder (partial cable)



From encoders to micro switches and mechanical shafts, TTC is manufactured with highly automated assembly, grinding, testing, and independent dust-proof workshops. TTC encoders enjoy a very high reputation in the industry in terms of professionalism, accuracy and reliability.



TTC is the first company in China and also the third company in the world to independently design and produce mouse wheel encoder. After nearly 20 years of efforts, TTC e-sports peripheral encoder market share is nearly 70%, the sales volume of the industry first. More than 80% of the well-known game mouse market will use TTC micro switch or at least one of the encoder, especially the encoder, is the industry specifications the most complete, the most widely used leader.

About the mouse encoder, microswitch, and mechanical keyboard axis have any problems, you can leave a message to us at any time, the staff will give you a timely answer.  


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