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What is the handle freshness?

2017-07-03 09:59

Recently, the author saw THE TTC  released a micro switch for the mouse "TTC gold micro", a lot of users are asking, "feel fresh period in the end what is going on?"

We know that below the mouse button is the micro switch, the micro switch is mechanical, composed of a spring and a spring structure to support up and down the repeated cycle of action, and feel retention period is a long time to use the feel can maintain consistency, there will be no button soft, card or unnatural rebound.



We can not help but ask, the mouse feel fresh period so said, that the same use of mechanical shaft switch mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboard and the day commonly used film keyboard the biggest difference lies in the mechanical keyboard feel diversification, can meet different needs of players. We mentioned that the mechanical keyboard can not open the feel problem, and the mechanical keyboard feel mainly from the shaft body switch, so an excellent shaft body switch can make the mechanical keyboard value doubled, because it is the most important part of the user's direct experience.

The mechanical keyboard keyswitch is independent, which is why the mechanical keyboard can achieve multiple keys or even all keys without conflict. Axle body press a certain treasure the cheapest a little more than a piece, single 104 key keyboard keyswitch is more than 100, the cost of mechanical keyboard is a large part of the keyswitch.



A good mechanical keyboard axis body switch key is smooth, smooth, feedback and input feel consistency. Like soldiers lining up to take orders from an officer. Neat. Many people who are new to mechanical keyboards don't understand why others are so obsessed with mechanical keyboards. What's so good about mechanical keyboards?

You may not know that the keyboard you tap freely in the Internet cafe is now the standard mechanical keyboard;

You may not know how many times a novelist types on the keyboard every day, or how sensitive his fingers are to the keyboard.

You may have no idea how many pieces of code a programmer types every day. The keyboard may be part of his body.

And you probably don't know how fast the recorder's fingers flew across the keyboard at the conference...

Another characteristic of mechanical keyboards is that they have a very long life. Even if you are a game maniac, it is not a problem to use them for 3 to 5 years. Mechanical keyboard feel preservation period is during the use of the keyboard, keys feel consistency does not change.

In the process of design and development of the shaft body, the shaft body will be extracted for professional testing, respectively to calculate the mechanical life and electrical life of the shaft body. In theory, the feeling fresh preservation period is equivalent to the mechanical life, but in practice, it is a technical threshold to achieve the consistency of the feel and the long-term stability of the feel.



TTC unveiled this "TTC Gold Shaft" at this year's Computex in Taipei, which uses 24K gold structure and 24K gold contacts to solve the problem of double-clicking keyboard keys. At the same time, the keys are up to 100 million years of life, using Japan's NIPPON SEISEN Corp. 's latest spring material technology, feel durable stability.

TTC was established in 1998, mainly designing, developing and manufacturing switches, encoders, connectors and so on. With the development of the e-sports industry, many players are not satisfied with the traditional single keyboard feel, and turn to mechanical keyboard, because mechanical keyboard was not popular at that time, the market can buy a high price. TTC aimed at the market and in 2011, TTC successfully developed the mechanical switch, TTC keyswitch officially entered the market. TTC has a research and development team with more than 10 years of professional experience. TTC is the first company in China to design and use robots for mechanical shafts. Advanced technology and production concept make TTC products quickly reach the international leading level in terms of reliability and consistency.

Select TTC gold keyswicth
Let Internet cafes no longer need to frequently replace the keyboard;
Let the writer write inspiration, input can't stop;
Let programmers accurate efficiency doubled no longer overtime;
Let the recorder's fingertips dance on the keyboard no longer hesitate...



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